Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, February 22, 2016

Local Hero Article : Huge plot forces that threaten the former agent! Who is the hero and allies to hold hands with?

A huge conspiracy that threatens the forces of former agents!
Who is the hero and allies to hold hands with?

OCN Saturdays, Sundays drama "Neighborhood Hero> This forces gradually huge conspiracy that reveals the identity and subsequent  draw the look of the heroes gather the strength to confront the added fun.

July 21 (one) 23:00 <Neighborhood Hero> Episode 8 aired the patrons' BAR neighbors gathered in one place to find the killer of lated Hwangsajang was broadcasting the story of the CIA secret agents.

Baeksiyun (Park Sihoo) is convinced that the Mission Macau associated with driving on the death of the death of former junior hwangsajang three years, and announced that the huge forces behind the former to the agent. 

Bakseonhu to instruct the monitoring work of and out favorite former agent in the 'BAR neighbors' (Ahn Suk-hwan), a naive work junbisaeng choechangyu (Lee Soo-hyuk) to propose a CIA special recruitment and middle spiral in buying, imtaeho (Jo Sung-ha) are suspect Bakseonhu was a murder. He began to suspect behind, heralded the conflict.

In particular, baeksiyun is imtaeho is raising the question whether the two figures fit hand catch forces intrigue against the future, knowing that the former personnel responsible for subcontracting work and say, "trust seems to be minutes."

Siyun 's ex-girlfriend is moving with the Central Intelligence Agency chief jeongsuhyeok (Jung Man-sik), Seo Ahn (choeyunso) to get the memoirs of Hwangsajang to approach Siyun, it is noted if there is a change in the future love line.

This week <hero of the neighborhood> Sat, Sun 9-10 Tue broadcast is expected to move to subdue the forces of conspiracy baeksiyun increase the tension jimyeonseo more rough. 11:00 every Saturday and Sunday night, OCN broadcasts. 

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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