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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 8, 2016

LH News : Park Si Hoo & Lee Soo Hyuk, "Neighborhood Hero," Show bromance Chemistry!

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By My Daily : 16.01.07 

My Daily = Reporter God wishes] cable channel OCN new drama "hero of the neighborhood" (a play directed gimgwanhu gwakjeonghwan) unveiled the shooting scene photos are hwagiaeae.

Park Sihoo and Jo Sung-ha, Lee Soo-hyuk, gwonyuri, Jung Man-sik, such as pictures, the hero of the neighborhood "in the cast are building a bright smile are populated estimate the lively atmosphere of the shooting scene and has attracted attention.

In particular, and Lee Soo-hyuk Park Sihoo, Jo Sung-ha and Jung Man-sik, male actors between Chemie is the compelling picture captivates the eye.

Park Sihoo will play a former secret agents, growth and employment junbisaeng of Lee Soo-hyuk as justice goes undercover agents sikimyeo built up a pretty tight friendship. Park Sihoo and Lee Soo-hyuk was showcasing a special breathing through a video telling the "how to win in a fight. Lee Soo-hyuk neighborhood youth dressed in baggy scene this lesson to challenge the Park Sihoo failure was contained and brings a smile.

Jo Sung-ha is also compelling and profound masculine Jung Man-sik, and hand in hand with each other to create a warm look forward bromance send a profound eyes. To the detective drama subsistence to composition, Jung Man-sik will demonstrate the charisma smoke appeared as a key figure in the CIA.

Gwonyuri is in the movie, shooting in, ppomnaetda the face of blowing life into the surrounding atmosphere makers. Filming the writer does not look thanks to the bright smile and haemaleun role of glass in charge of aspiring to give up that dream has uteumkkot back door is wide pieonago. Glass is expected to show a variety of attractions, such as through the "hero of the neighborhood, featuring thrilling action against the Park Sihoo images in the public seven days.

Meanwhile, local hero 'coming will be broadcast during the first 23 days at 11., thank you!

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