Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 8, 2016

Brief conversation of Ai & Park Si Hoo in " Dearest wardrobe " show : 2016.01.07

Our Mei had kindly explained to us some parts of the conversation 
between Park Si Hoo & Ai in the show last night ( Jan 7, 2016 )

Thanks again, Mei!^^

We will use pictures from the show to go along with the story!^^

After they met....

PSH introduced Ai to the Hanbok Cafe to try out some hanboks
While he was waiting for her to change into her hanbok, she tries to choose the best ones 
and went on about the designs imprinted on the hanboks fabrics depicts the status of the wearer.
Like the dragon must be for the royals & phoenix must be for princesses. She said if given 
a choice...of coz she wants to do the highest royal ones with the dragon emblems!^^

After holding the heavy headgears for "queens"....she doesn't know which is the back or front..
She puts it back on the shelf & found a tiny ones for princesses!

Park Si Hoo must be thinking while waiting....
WHY is that woman taking such a longtime to decide which hanbok to wear??!!!...Hahaha

Then the Dae Jeum Geum background music Onara cue!...
She came out & said " Anyeong Haseyo" like a Korean...

She said the hair pin is sooooo huge 
like the ones witches used to poke on voodoo dolls!!...hahaha

Oh...she must be for testing poisons 
Because silver will turn black when comes in contact with poison like in the dramas..hahaha

Park Si Hoo is outside waiting....Zzzzzz

She said she is the royal empress or some concubine...Hahaha

She wants to go & find Mr Park to begin some filming!^^

She said :: Park Si Hoo Ssiiiiiiii....I'm coming!!!...hahaha

Park Si Hoo saw her & clapped & exclaimed:: 
WOW!...So beautiful!

He said she looks like a royal princess^^

And start taking photos of her with his Polaroid camera

 ~ A little bit but fun! Thank you, Mei!^^ ~

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