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Monday, August 7, 2017

News : 'My Golden Life' Park Si Hoo, a hottest visual in the red suits ... 'Focused attention'

Top Star News article : 2017-08-07 

[Top Star news Kim Ji-woong reporter] 

Park Si Hoo's warm visual is appearing in 'My Golden Life' is a hot topic.

On August 5, Park Si Hoo had published a picture in his instagram entitled
 " Today's a day of excitement~^^ ".

Park Sihoo / Park Sihoo Instagram

Park Si Hoo in a public photo standing in a red suit. 

Especially, the attention was focused on his warm visuals, in which the clothes can be digested. 

The netizens who saw this, 
"Park Si Hoo, I think every day, what kind of person, Si Hoo is acting in ~ ~",
 "Park Si Hoo, Si Hoo ~ crimson suits shine! 
Do not expose to the heat too much, shoot hard ~! Good night" 
"Park Si Hoo, thank you. Take good care of your body and be healthy. Do not overdo it! ~ "
And so on. 

On the other hand, KBS2's 'My Golden Life', which Park Si Hoo will appear in,
 is scheduled for the first broadcast in September. 

Kim Ji-woong Reporter: / 

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