Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

MGL : My Golden Life's page at KBS website!

If you need information in English about the drama, 
you don't need to go anywhere even my blog!^^

KBS will provide it for you!

This is My Golden Live page Golden Life

(*Not much going on right now)

After My father's strange is over, 
I believe they will create " My golden life's page "
 Exactly like they did for other previous dramas.

But...what you can expect to see?

The best way to show you is ...

By showing you  " My Father's strange's page " 
to compare what you can expect for " My Golden Life "

This is the front page of " MFS (My father's strange)"

Poster & Synopsis


Behind the scenes

Comment section 

You can write to support Park Si Hoo or other actors and the drama
By register an account or using your Facebook or Twitter account that will do!

I tried (I created my own membership) 
and it worked fine as you see below!^^

Now besides watching " My Golden Life " on KBS "Live " or " With English subtitles later"
You still get a chance to see more information about the drama also!

Where else you should be if you are hard core fans of Park Si Hoo and this drama!

And please... do not forget to leave some positive comments 
for Park Si Hoo every weeks after you watch the episodes, thank you!

See you there! 😘

Credit : KBSWorld, thank you!


  1. He's the epic father of Lee Se Ryung. The mortal enemy of Kim Seung Yu's family.