Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, November 18, 2016

(PIC) PSH Premium event for Chinese in Jeju : Nov 26-28

Mentor has posted this pictures & information about the event at Weibo yesterday

(You have to have Weibo account to open this link )

Today 19:01come from 微博
#朴施厚# @朴施厚贴吧官博_parksihoobar @红阁倚梦 今天有为各位参加济洲岛活动的粉丝企划2个选配项目,希望可以给大家在济洲岛的时光增添一些乐趣。[嘻嘻]并且在活动现场我们会带去一些周边,数量不多。有想要得粉丝可以在现场购买哦(缘杂志需要在21日前向@红阁倚梦 进行预定)!这次的支付,已经帮...展开全文c

Google translation

Today 19: 01 welcome from
# Park Si Hoo # @ Park Si Hoo paste it official blog _parksihoobar @ Red House Yi dream today for you to participate in Jeju Island fans planning two matching projects, hoping to give you time in Jeju Island to add some fun. [Hee hee] and in the activities we will bring some of the scene, a small number. There are fans want to be able to buy at the scene Oh (fate magazine need to 21 days before @ Dream Red Dream to carry out a reservation)! The payment, has helped ... expand the full text c

Credit :, thank you!

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