Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 22, 2016

VDO : Star News : Today News Briefing - Thursday January 21 Reports by K STAR News Live!

There are 3 news in this VDO.

The main subject is about the chemistry between Park Si Hoo & Lee Soo Hyuk in the drama
And his come back after 3 years!

Published on Jan 21, 2016


The main news for the entertainment industry to deliver fast offering [Today News Briefing]
 is the time. Music Awards cold from Hollywood stars to the entertainment industry today,
 there are many news neundeyo passed on. January 21 was ready to collect
 only the hottest entertainment news. It lets together now -

Third place - the hero of the neighborhood] Park Sihoo - Lee Soo-hyuk,
 " Bromance Chemistry 'expectations

Korean star Park Sihoo is attracting attention to notice the "Bromance Chemistry"
 with Lee Soo-hyuk and after having informed the national comeback in three years.

[Interview: Lee Soo-hyuk]

There may be some ways you who have a little adventure

Drama collected by the agents of the Park Sihoo bokgwijak [hero of the neighborhood. 
Disclose the stills and Lee Soo-hyuk Park Sihoo neundeyo've recently focused attention.

Back to Lee Soo-hyuk has published pictures it contains and the appearance of the Park Sihoo 
to wipe his tears Park Sihoo - raises the expectations for the 'Bromance Chemie with Lee Soo-hyuk.

Lee Soo-hyuk and appeared in dreams to play police district youth

[Interview: Lee Soo-hyuk]

You got a job employment junbisaeng is downed greed (so far) wants to smoke as much as possible to be a little sympathy and a lot Role haeoh Dunn because another role

Lee Soo-hyuk this to grow as a former CIA agent spy Park Sihoo!

[Interview: Park Sihoo]

[Hero of the neighborhood - the action that God really got a lot of aikido taekwondo kickboxing bouts nwatdeon it seems to help a lot when I was a child now learns several

According to the producers 'Park Sihoo - Lee Soo-hyuk of the relationship changes have a decisive impact on the deployment drama' I'd said that "the two actors 'Bromance Chemistry' is another attraction of this drama.

Park Sihoo - Lee Soo-hyuk has increased the expectation of the fans in the show about their  'Bromance Chemistry

[Interview: Park Sihoo]

Our drama so many sights you may also please expect a lot, thank you for a lot of encouragement

Credit : K star news, thank you!

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