Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, January 22, 2016

Photos from VDO : Star News : [Exclusive] met [Neighborhood Hero] Park Si Hoo while filming "come back drama"! Part # 2

Besides many interesting photos from this VDO,

Link for the VDO :

That will take you to see the inside of the drama setting ( The Neighborhood bar )
as the same time as his fans visited the set during " Local Hero tour " last week!

Mei will explain to us why Park Si Hoo and this female reporter kept laughing
 At each other in one particular question ( About Yuri )!^^ Thanks a lot, Mei!

But before we will go to that part, let read what he's talking about himself & 007!^^

1. Hoo & 007

Park Si Hoo said he models himself after 007... James Bond...555

He said Baek Si Yoon is like 007...James Bond...a secret agent^^
He learnt taekwondo, boxing & lots of sports in his younger days
 so now, it's useful to him as he is acting in action packed scenes.

2. Park Si Hoo has a lot of charisma

The reporter mentioned in the background when Park Si Hoo was acting
 as his fans gathered around his bar...
She said :: PSH has a lot of charisma & his gaze is full of charm!^^
As when his eyes expressions^^

3. Okay! Now it's about Yuri & SNSD!^^

Halfway thru the interview, the reporter asked him if he like Yuri's girls group SNSD...
he got taken back by that question & told the reporter...
"Why did you suddenly ask me this?!"...this is too sudden!^^

She asked him if he knows any of SNSD song...
he went blank & went "gee gee gee gee"...hahaha...
trying to sing a 2009 song from SNSD^^

He wasn't prepared for that kind of question if he is a fan of Korean girls group^^

He said he is a fan of SNSD ( Yuri's group ) but when the reporter asked him...
"if you are a fan of SNSD, can you sing me one of your most favorite song of theirs"...
he paniced & said..."Why you suddenly ask me to sing?!"...hahaha
Because he was caught off guard!^^

When asked to sing SNSD song...he paused trying very hard to remember some lyrics...
drawing laughter from the reporter...she's fine...he no...too sudden...
can't remember...but let me try...hahaha

He is so adorable!!
The reporter can't stop laughing!!!
He stood up & sit down panic...because he couldn't remember the lyrics Hahaha

Hahaha...Thanks, Mei!^^

Credit : K star news, thank you!


  1. Oppa, From the Group name itself you can remember.

    Like this oh:

    Girls Generation can feel the heat..lalala...


    1. Hahaha! You're one of them! Or maybe the leader!^^

  2. Haha, Everything about Korea dear is really famous here in the Philippines. Thats why K-Industry called our country as the ''The Heart of Asia''. On our National TV Kdrama dominates in morning blocks, afternoon blocks and even primetime blocks. Thats why we almost memorize every K artist. Im looking forward NH also be air one day.

    1. After watching so many dramas & actors then you had picked the right choice for your favorite actor!^^ I'm glad that we met through the love of the same actor!^^ But sorry, don't talk about K-pop with me! I have zero education on that!^^ I will be worse than PSH if you ask me to sing SNSD's song! At least he can sing " Gee Gee Gee " hahaha!^^