Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, March 19, 2018

Announcement : My Vacation Break!

Hello everyone!

Gif picture from gold fa, thank you!

Finally drama " My Golden Life " had come to an end!
Then followed with " Guam vacation"
That just ended on last Friday, March 16.

As Park Si Hoo's fan, nothing more important than 
what will effect him after the drama ended?

Yes, it's more important than how the drama ended!

Park Si Hoo may continue taking a little break
before his birthday party on April1.

And preparing himself for new activities at home and abroad.
Before he will accept a new chapter of his career again

And until that time comes...

I will take my time off and a nice long break as well!

But I will be back for any important news 
or his activities like his birthday or MGL event in Japan.

Otherwise when he's silent,  I will too!

Thank you, everyone for your support!

Be Happy & Healthy!

Love you all, Nikki!^^



  1. Hello, Nikki, please take your well-deserved break. To come back, of course for any PSH update. I can't thank you enough for all your effort of keeping us abreast of PSH and My Golden Life.
    Take care and be happy and healthy. Let's continue to support PSH who has just come back the golden way. He will continue to shine like gold.
    More power to PSH and all PSH fans

    1. Thank you, my friend! To be honest with you, It's really tough! Hahahaha! But it's worth it (for PSH)
      Besides my blog here, some of you may know I posted it somewhere else also
      and that's the hardest part just like when Do Kyung had to work day & night shifts
      Just to buy a necklace for Jian! Haha!

      Anyway, it's over! Park Si Hoo had finally landed safely with his own determination and hard work.
      I'm so proud of him and will continue to support him in every chapter of his career!

      Thanks again for your support and wish all of you have a good rest as well.

      But please don't say this drama didn't effect you at all!
      Otherwise you won't be here if it doesn't mean anything to you!^^

  2. Nikki, thank you for all. Be healthy, be happy! Anna

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  4. Dear Nikki , thanks for everything you have done, you worked very hard during ‘My Golden Life’. Have a good rest till SiHoo’s new project^^ , take care and stay health.