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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, January 13, 2018

News : 'My Golden Life' drama with no script at the site?

Just share with you about this news,
It reminds me of Shin Hye Sun's speech when she went up the stage 
to receive the award for writer, So.
Remember, SHS said, " Last time she met the writer, 
she lost a lot of weight and working hard for the script! "

I wish her well not just to finish the script but to be healthy through out the year, 
She did an incredable job with this drama
And we will never forget how important she was 
for Park Si Hoo's comeback.


Reported by Korea Sports Economy Choi Ji-yoon 

"National drama? No script "

The broadcast of KBS2 weekend 'My Golden Life' is going on every weekend. 
The audience rating is over 40%, and it is under review 
for two more episodes extensions, 
but the script is late and it is hurting.

According to a number of stakeholders, So Hyung Kyung writes the scripts 
for more than six months and she started feeling a lot of physical limitations.
 'My Golden Life' has been broadcasted since its first broadcast in September last year. 
Last December on 30 and 31, they had made two special feature for the end of the year, 
but the shooting speed is not getting better.

An official team had said to the Korea Sports Economy on the 12th, 
"It's been a long time since we started shooting live broadcasts. 
The actors are on standby all the time because the script does not come out." 
The shooting is not stopped altogether, but we shoot it several times a day slowly. 
If it is this speed, I doubt whether it will be possible to broadcast on time 
as well as the 2 more extension. "

There is a lot of concern due to shooting, side script, unreasonable extension, etc.

Photo = provided by KBS, thank you!
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