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Jewel of S.Korea

Friday, August 11, 2017

MGL News : 'My Golden Life', the first broadcast on September 2 ... All My Golden Life actors completed lineup

'My father is strange' will followed by 'My Golden Life', which will be broadcasted first on September 2nd, will be released as life of three female maidens who want to escape from poverty, A family drama of the generation that never have experience with 
the golden life to be sympathized with. 

Park Si-hoo plays a chaebol, the third-generation names Choi Do Kyung, who was warm
and cool. Do Kyung is the only son of Haesung Group who heads 
the strategic planning department. Noblesse Obliger, who has been a principle man 
until he was able to keep a line between parents and children, he is going to reveal 
his charm that has been latent inside him from a result of many circumstances. 

Shin Hye Sun was broke, unlucky contractor.  In the middle of the drama, 
Ji An is a character who keeps living in a hard life every day who cries out for whatever to make she get a full - time job. In the meantime, She is going to experience her life likes 
a roller coaster when she has a chance to change my life. 

Lee Tae Hwan was a high school friend of Ji An (Shin Hye Sun), and also worked as an industrial design student but he dropped out. Woo Woo is a person who has a long love 
for Ji An. He sells DIY interior furnitures for singles at the shopping mall. 

Seo Eun Soo plays Seo Ji Soo, the fraternal twin sister of Ji An. She graduated from 
a college and worked part-time, but she is not an innocent person but with absurd charm 
and she lives in her own. 

Here, Chung Ho-jin, Kim Hye-ok, Jeon Min-min, Na Young-hee, etc., are joining together 
with a team of gifted and talented actors and we're anticipating for another luxury harmony. 

Chun Ho-jin and Kim Hyeon Ok took on the roles of twin sister Ji An and ji's father ,
Seo Tae Soo and mother Yang Mi Jung respectively. In addition, Lee Tae - sung was cast 
as a first son's who gave up future and Shin Hyun Soo was cast as the youngest son, Seo Ji Ho. 

Jeonnam plays father of Do Kyung and vice chairman of Haesung Group, and Na Young Hee's as mother of Do Kyung, names Roh Myung Hee, the real owner of Haesung group. 
In addition, Dae Ah In will be only sister, Choi Seo Hyun, was cast by Dae-in. 

"My Golden Life" crew said, "The golden family lineup has been completed with a good view," He said. "We created a new weekend drama by adding an unexpected reversal from encountering with the familiar story of the chaebol's life. That will give you lots of fun. " 

Credit : Kim Yang-soo reporter, thank you!

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