Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The 3 important news website that need your support!

Yesterday, there were a lot of good news about Park Si Hoo and " My Golden Life "

So busy posting till I forgot to remind you to show your support to him.

All three news came from Naver, the biggest Korean news website!

That's why it's important for fans to know where to support Park Si Hoo!

Okay! You know what to do, right?

Title : [Official] 'My Golden Life' Park Si-hoo & Shin Hye-sun 
completed the line-up .. start on September 2

Title : Park Si-hoo & Shin Hye-sun's in ’My Golden Life' 

Title : [Official] Park Si-hoo's return to 'My Golden Life', confirmed on September 2

NOW! What we can do ?

1. Comment : Use Twitter or Facebook account to sign in

2. Click " Good " at the face here, you can use only Facebook or Line account

3. Click " Like " as much as you want 

But the top five comments that positive, 
we have to click " Like " to make sure they will stay on the TOP!

This is not a competitive duty who will get more like or who get less 
but we need to work as a team for Park Si Hoo

All these names are good, you can like all of them




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