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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, July 8, 2017

MGL : Shin Hye Sun, The Unbreakable!

Let's get to know more about Park Si Hoo's counterpart in this drama

Shin Hye Sun,  The Unbreakable

Once again, a combination that can be seen and believed was born. 

Actress, Shin Hye Sun and So Hyung Kyung lead the KBS 2TV new weekly drama
 'My Golden Life ' with a combination of 'box office' vs 'box office.' 

Shin Hye Sun appeared as Cinderella of the Braun tube that there is no actress. 
Also, the eyes are as different as the work that the cast shows. 'Oh my ghost,' 
'She was pretty,' 'Legend of the Blue Sea,' 'Secret Forest'. She was excellent
 if you look at her performances and works that are new but not new. 

In 'My Golden Life', She has a splashy charm, but stucked in an unexpected life curve 
and play a bibliography to show the character growth by finding her trueself. 
With her high school friend Lee Tae Hwan (Sun Woo Hyeok) 
and her fraternal twin sister Seo Eun Su (Seo Ji Soo)  

It is her first drama as a main character. She will be preoccupied by veterans and actors 
such as Cho Seung-woo and Yoo Jae-myeong who are also in pre-production 
and currently broadcasting 'Secret Forest'. Various characters and intensity 
led to different smoke breathing and emerged as a reverse card.  

Soo Hyung Kyung is called as a "believing and seeing artist" who is one of the few 
broadcasting companies. She has been acknowledged to be the essence of 
the common sensibility of the broad public without distinguishing between the genre
 and the target with 'Brilliant Legacy', 'Inspection Princess', '49 Days', 'Tooweks', 
'My Daughter Seo Young' and '' Twenty Years Old ''.

 At the forefront of the Korean society this time, 
the high military division touched 20,000 generations of people. 

'My Golden Life' is a story of a woman who dreams of ascending status as an upper class, 
often called Hwasugi, discovering happiness in a crisis of falling into hell. 

Follow 'My father is strange,' and the first broadcast schedule will be in September.

Credit : Kim Jin- suk reporter, thank you!

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