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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Buyeo home : Park Si Hoo returns to terrestrial after five years, revealing his ancestral home likes " A palace, isn't it? " It's a third generation resident!

Have no idea why so many news mentioned about his Buyeo home yesterday!

Only one reason I can guess is ... 
Because in " My Golden Life " Park Si Hoo will play a chaebol!

Let understand what Chaebol really mean, first!

Sourced from wikipedia, thank you!

A chaebol , Korean : 재벌, 

From Chae "wealth or property" + bol "faction or clan" 

It's a South Korean form of business conglomerate. They are typically global 
multinationals and own numerous international enterprises, controlled by a chairman
 with power over all the operations. The term is often used in a context similar to 
that of the English word "conglomerate". The term was first used in 1984. 
There are several dozen large Korean family-controlled corporate groups 
which fall under this definition.


From the news : 

Reported by [Seoul Economy], thank you!

Park Si Hoo reported on the return to terrestrial drama in five years 
with KBS new drama 'My Golden Life'. 

Actor, Park Si Hoo attended "My Golden Life" Script Reading on July 7 at Yeouido KBS, Seoul, where cast members including Kim Hyung Suk PD, So Hyung Kyung Writer 
with the casts ; main actor Park Si Hoo Shin Hye Sun and Eun Su Lee. 

Park Sihoo said, "I am trying to do my best because I am a long time work." 

Park Sihoo returns to terrestrial drama in five years, 
and Park Sihoo plays Choi Do Kyung, a third - generation chaebol, 
in his work 'My Golden Life'. 

On the other hand, Park Sihoo's house ranked the seventh on the list of person 
who know about interior design of tvN' list that opened to public and released in 2015 
which was broadcast on March 16, 2015. 

Actor Park Sihoo's family was known as a mysterious man who descended from Buyeo 
for generations of generations, and the house that was unveiled on this day captivates 
the attention with its large land and magnificent tiled house. 

It reminds me of the magnificence of the past, telling me that there is a central garden 
and a large pond reminiscent of the palace, and that only one of the three is preserved 
due to the fire incident. 

In addition, the Seoul house where Park Sihoo lives alone 
also attracted the attention of luxury interior. 

[Photo = TVN screen capture] 

Credit : Seokyeong Star,  Park Jae-young reporter , thank you!


(** With Korean cultures as we know, are very conservation and breathing in and out 
with their own traditional way of life. So the reporters may try to link the connection of 
Park Si Hoo's personal life (as a third generation of Buyeo landlords whose family own 
such a hugh lands ) In another word, Yes, Park Si Hoo comes from the wealthy family 
in real life as well! That makes them feel easy with his family background for this role? )

These are pictures of his Buyeo homes when we visited there.
All three of them are still during reconstruction. 
Such a unique place to visit!

Compare from the news' picture

~ Buyeo Home ~

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