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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

KBS : My father is strange decided to extend 2 more episodes ... The ending will be on August 27" (Official)

Now, we know why?
That's fine, we just hope it will happen again with " My Golden Life " also!^^

[Expo News News reporter Kim Joo-ae]
 'My father is strange' decided to extend 2 more episodes. 

An official of KBS drama station said on July,11, " KBS 2TV weekend drama
 'My father is strange' has decided to extend two more episodes,
 so the final broadcasting will be on August 27th." 

It is a family drama that delightfully unfolds stories that occur in real life 
for generations of 'my father is strange', and it conveys the message of family 
and life and invigorates the sympathy of viewers. 

It started with a high audience rating of 22.9% (provided by Nielsen Korea, nationwide) 
since the first broadcast, and recorded its highest audience rating at 33.2% two days ago. 

In the meantime, Kim Hyung-seok, who is a new work with Hyun Kyung So, 
who wrote 'My Daughter Seo Young Lee' and 'Brilliant Legacy' I got it. 

Park Si Hoo, Shin Hye Sun, etc.,  the story's about a woman who greets the opportunity
 to raise her status with golden spoon falls to hell and learns how to find happiness in it.
 It will be the first broadcast on September 2. / Photo = KBS 2TV 

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