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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fashion News : Park Sihoo - Sangwoo Lee - Solbi, cool blue tone fashion on rainy days

Star fashion 2017-07-11

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Park Si Hoo - Sangwoo Lee - Solbi, cool blue tone fashion on rainy days

Park Soo-hong - Lee Ae Rin - Moon Hyun Ah - Song Hae Na - Kim Jin Kyung - Lee Hye-jung

Sunglasses brand "ATOR" photo wall event was held in the street of Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of July 10th.

On this day, Park Si Hoo, Lee Sang Woo, Park Soo Hong, Solbi, Yi Ae Rin, Moon Hyun Ah, Song Ha Na, Kim Jin Kyung, Lee Hye Jeong and others showed blue tone styling. The stars also attracted attention by matching their various sunglasses to more comfortable clothing.

Park Si Hoo, who hasn't showed up for a long time, produced a warm and casual look with navy, gray-colored shirts and denim pants, and Sangsanggang Lee Sangwoo boasts a solid navy shirt and gray slasks and a solid male force. 

Solbi has caught the eye by introducing a unique blue high-fashion dress, a gray jacket, and a pair of bright green-colored pants. Park Soo-hong in a white jacket, denim pants, and red point sneakers.


Another news reported the same thing, I just added it here!

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** Bonus for ATOR website :

Park Si Hoo wore ATOR Sunglasses model " Omar " in black color flame

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