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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

2006 News : About Park Si Hoo's movie that we will never seen " Mr. Bullet "

We know very little about this movie that made around 2006-2007.
The time after Park Si Hoo finished 2006 drama " What planet you came from ? " 
and before he went to act in " Perfect Neighbor " in 2007.

Unfortunately this project had ended just around half way through. 
We don't know the reason just guess there might be something to do with the budget 
This thing can happen with movie projects all the time.
So " After Love " isn't the first movie the happen with Park Si Hoo!

Anyway from this interview it had given us some light about 
what this story's about and what kind of role he played. 

( ** Please remember, the article reported before they stopped the project! )


" Shooting Challenge " with Park Si Hoo Bodybuilding Project for
 "His Get-ready First Bed Scene "

[Newsen Lee Hyun reporter / photographer Jung Yoo Jin reporter]

The eyes are deep, eyes full of confidence, and mature. 
MBC 'What kind of star are you from?' 
Park Sihoo, who is making his debut on the first screen 
with the comedy movie 'MR. Bullet' (director Cho Kyung Doo / Producer Pics) 
to face confrontation with Gong Hyeong Jin , was so different.

Park Sihoo, MBC, who appeared so comical with the marriage ceremony
 "Let's get married," and then, " What star did you come from? " 
He has been racing to become a popular super fast-paced champion.

He's a cool elite, but he's also a man with a wound, 
A man who is a serious person but can make you laugh. 
'New criminal film' Park Si-hoo had finished his screen capture.

 Park Sihoo used to be a type of beautiful face who's transforming himself into a 'bodybuilder'!

"I am in the process of transforming my body."

It is Park Sihoo's fate to play the role of a new criminal and horror comedy movie 

'MR. Bullet' contains a confrontation between Jung Soon-kyung (Gong Hyung-jin) 
and Shin Jong-soo (Park Sihoo), who have used bullets in the back of their head to see the ghosts.

Park Si Hoo played boyfriend of Bae Du Sin who were reminiscent 
of  a 6-year-old girl names Lee Ah-hyun (played by Lee Hyeon-hyun) 
who is a sister-in-law of Gong Hyeong-jin, 
who will love her brother-in-law's new detective.

Park Sihoo, who is looking forward to the appearance of a straight face and a fist, 
a look that does not envy a fair amount of feminine beauty, but also transforms his body, 
is confessing that he is nervous that it is challenging for the first time after his debut.

Park Sihoo said, "It is the first time to play a melodrama in a drama besides a music video." 
After expressing a sense of tension, he explained, "I will reveal my body in front of the scene "

During drama "What stars do you come from?" about three months, I was trying to lose weight, 
I walked to places where I could get out enough of ' My body weight ". 
Park Sihoo said, "It seems that 5kg of body weight is falling 
and muscles are getting settled to some extent."

# First screen debut, confidence 100% load!

Although he may have a sense of tension ahead of his debut on the first screen, 
Park Sihoo laughed, saying, "I ended up having two works, 
but I think I have some room to work on."

Unlike the schedule of tight broadcasting, 
it is said that the movie schedule for relaxing is also helping his comfort.

However, the analysis of a complex new criminal character is not easy.

The new company comes out as a cool elite at the beginning, but it is a man 
who does not bother to succeed. Originally he's a medical student but he is also owned
a unique history about his girlfriend who worked as a detective and tried to catch a robbery
 but being killed by a robber. The situation is getting worse as he takes on the cool and charismatic role of an ambitious character. He's a serious person himself, but because of the situation, 
He had a hard time catching up with the character because he plays a role that can not help laughing.

Park Sihoo said, "I am studying intonation and tone as much as a criminal," 
he said. "I am getting into the characters by watching movies and dramas."

He added, "I am asking a lot of friends who are detective or cops 
because I have a lot of complaints about the criminal station."

Prior to his debut on the first screen, Park Sihoo, who expressed his determination, 
"I want to be recognized as an actor so the audiences and viewers do not feel uncomfortable 
talking about actor, Park Sihoo." I wonder if the transformation of 'actor Park Sihoo
in the screen can convey the 'rosy feeling'.

MR. Bullet will be full with a comical confrontation and a serious flame of Park Sihoo. 
Mr. Bullet 'will begin shooting on August 5 (2006) with the aim of opening in early next year. (2007)

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This is information about movie "Mr.Bullet "

Mr. Bullet (2006)
< Mr.chong-al >

Officer JUNG develops the special ability to see the ghosts of dead victims 
after a bullet accidentally strikes him in his head. Is he starting to see ghosts 
because of the bullet in his head? At first, he gets scared out of his mind, 
but he eventually finds a way to communicate with the ghosts. 
And from the information he receives from them, he starts to solve murder cases.

Genres : Comedy, Thriller
Running Time :
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Original :

Director & Producer
CHO Kyoung-doo - Director
LEE Seong-hun - Producer


KONG Hyung-jin

PARK Si-hoo

KIM Hye-na

CHO Bong-han - Director of Photography
CHO Kyoung-doo - Screenwriter
LEE Seong-hun - Producer
LEE Sung-hun - Producer
NAM Na-young - Editor

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