Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

COM in Japan : Japanese version of 'I am a murderer' 2 billion yen sales ... Korean Movie Remake Works Up

"I am a murderer" is a 22-year-old confession 
is a Japanese version of the Korean movie, "I am a murderer". 

According to the film industry on August 8, "Confession of the 22nd" 
was released on 329 screens nationwide on June 10, and it became 
the first box office for 3 consecutive weeks. 

Last week, the 4th week of the release, but  "The Pirates of the Caribbean: 
The Dead Are No Matter, was released also" the movie came down to 4th place, 
but it is still cruising with about 300 screens. 

Starting this weekend, it is certain that sales will surpass about 2 billion yen 
(about 20 billion won). According to the number of audiences, it is estimated 
to be about 1.6 million. 

* This is the best-selling Korean film ever made by a foreign production company 
who bought a copyright and remake it. It is also the second highest performing film 
released in Japan this year. 

Koide Masaki, a Japanese producer Robot who remake the movie, 
said in a telephone conversation with Yonhap News Agency, 
"In Japan, sales exceed 1 billion yen, which means 'seriousness'," 
and "exceeding 2 billion yen means that it hit a big box office- " He said. 

Considering that the number of screens is maintained 
for about six weeks after the release of the movie in Japan, 
it is likely to attract more audiences by next week. 

** The original thriller "I'm a murderer" (director Jung Byeong-gil) 
is an action thriller that depicts serial killers who become authors of a biography 
after a 15-year statute of limitations, Park Si Hoo and Jae Jae Young took
the lead roles. It opened in Korea in November 2012 and collected 2.73 million people.

Credit : yonhapnews, thank you!

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