Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ATOR Event News : Titles about Park Si Hoo!

Today I want to bring some news' titles that can be useful for us 
when we need Korean words to write our comments to support him!^^

Park Si-hoo, He’s back!
박시후, 다시 돌아왔어요

Park Si-hoo, 'Thank you for (coming back after) a long time'
박시후, '오랜만에 인사드려요'

Park Sihoo's in a bright way '
박시후 '밝은 모습으로'

Park Sihoo, 'Long time no see official solid statue'
박시후, '오랜만에 공식석상'

Park Sihoo, came back, “ we’ve been waiting for a long time!
돌아온 박시후 '정말 오랜만에 인사드려요!'

Park Sihoo, ‘Hallyu star'
박시후, '돌아온 한류스타'

Park Si-hoo, ‘He's finally return!'
박시후, '드디어 복귀합니다!'

Credit : Nate.News, thank you!

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