Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, June 8, 2017

K-star News : Park Si Hoo returns to TV after 4 years? .. KBS " Final coordination"

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Actor Park Si Hoo (39) is in the process of returning to the drama in four years.

KBS said in the morning of June 5, 
"Park Si Hoo is in final coordination for the appearance of 'My Golden Life' 
following KBS 2TV weekend 'My father is strange'."

The new weekend drama 'My Golden Life' is a drama about finding happiness 
in the process of falling into a desperate situation when a woman 
who is ahead of her ascendancy.

Hyung Kyung who wrote a cript for KBS 'My Daughter Seo Young Lee', 
SBS 'Prosecutor Princess', MBC 'Two Weeks' will be a writer and Kim Hyung-seok as PD, 
who directed KBS 'You've been rolled up' and 'Drama Special', catches megaphones.

Park Si Hoo is expected to play Choi Dae-kyung, the only son of Ha Seong Group, 
the male protagonist of the drama. KBS said, "Just like Park Sihoo, 
the main character of the female actor is in final discussions."

If Park Si Hoo confirms his appearance,
 He will return to the drama in four and a half years after SBS 'Cheongdam-dong Alice'

The new weekend drama ' My Golden Life' will be broadcast from August.

Credit : K Star Jung Hye-jeong, thank you!

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