Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Drama Festival : Information about the booths at the event venue!

It is Park Official Japan Official Fan Club secretariat.

Two days to "Park Si Hoo starring Drama · Fes! Great Thanksgiving Tour 2017 " !
This time we will inform you about details of each booth planned to be set up 
inside the event venue.

At various application booths, fan club new · renewal, and " ENISHI ~ green ~ 2017 ",
" PARK SIHOO BIRTHDAY TOUR2017 " DVD-BOX you can purchase procedures.  

Also at the "entrance ticket booth" located near the venue entrance
I will sell the same day tickets in Fukuoka, Osaka (day and night), Tokyo (day and night).
(It is a little left, we will close the reception as soon as it is sold out.)

★ Sale of the day ticket (Fukuoka): 15 : 30 ~
★ Collectibles Sales, Application Booth Start (Fukuoka): 16 o'clock -
* It is subject to change depending on circumstances.
※ Osaka, Tokyo start time will be announced at a later date.

* Please fill out the necessary information on the application for
 and register at "Application Booth".

For those who applied at the event venue
"Goods discount ticket" will be given! (Limited to reception at the venue)

※ FC , ENISHI , DVD , etc., sign up 1 per review, 1 and presentation sheets.

"Goods discount ticket" is a performance venue of "Park Shihh starring Drama · Fes Great Thanksgiving Tour 2017 "
(Fukuoka 6 May 9 days / Osaka 6 May 11 days / Tokyo 6 May 15 , 2009) only, is available.

1. Fan club new entry / renewal
Please be sure to fill out all necessary information on the application form when joining new.

Sign-up process is complete e-mail, 6 May 16 we will sequentially be announced from (Friday).

★ Information on updated gifts ★

■ First update : Original post it
■ Second update : original special electromagnetic wave blocking sticker
■ Third update : 3rd anniversary membership card ♪
■ Fourth update 

 ※The photograph is an image.

4 th Anniversary fan club metal batch
By all means at this opportunity, thank you for your update procedure.

2. ENISHI 2017  " Subscription "

Schiff's and fans of the edge ( edge ) connects, together we spun the memories, the original magazine " ENISHI -edge ~".

※ is No. 1 unpublished video DVD with !
I connect Enishi ( Edge ) of Shifu-san and all the fans ,
We will spend memories together, the original magazine " ENISHI ~ Edge ~".
We will respond to your patronage and decide to release the new season !

■ Release date : No. 1, No. 2 on sale
The 3 , 4 No. respectively 7 end of the month, 10 is expected to release at the end of the month.
※ If you apply at the venue, we will deliver the first and second issue after the event.


■ Contents
Disc 1. Making & close-up picture ( about 24 minutes )
Disc 2. Event main part ( about 74 minutes )
● Special Photo Book (64P)
● Special original goods : Handkerchief with embroidery
■ Limited quantity
※ If you apply at the venue, we will deliver the first and second issue after the event.

Let's raise the vent together with Park Shihu! It is!

■ Inquiries (Weekdays 13 : 00 ~ 17 : 00 )
TEL : 03-6380-3752 FAX : 03-6380-3750 

Credit :, thank you

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