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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Korean News : High-end Hallyu tourism products market opened

Brief summary from the news

The whole article talking about Hallyu stars who opened their fan meeting in Korea 
with a very high price ticket for the meeting of 3 day 2 night standard 
( Park Si Hoo did it so many times ) 

The news said because they realized fans are willing to pay more 
to be able to meet their stars closer such as taking photo, handshake...etc

They will focus on Japanese market the most in future.

And at the end of the article they mentioned 
Park Si Hoo will have a fan meeting for oversea fans in Korea in January.
(This part of article was translated by our Korean friend )


Our Opinion about this news....

We's better to wait for Hoo factory's confirmation. 
Because, sometimes some reporters typed the articles without an accurate fact-check, 
just for high-traffic clicking. We need to be aware of that!

~ Thank you ~


* (No photos on the news so we just added Park Si Hoo's photo by ourselves^^)

High-end Hallyu tourism products market opened ... 2 million won
 2 nights 3 days fan meeting product is also finished

Very economies original article forwarding 2016-12-02 16:08

Seoul Tourism Marketing - Korea Tourism Organization 
jointly run Hallyu star fan meeting for overseas Hallyu fans

SEOUL, South Korea (Reuters) - Seoul Tourism Marketing (President Kim Byung-tae)
 will co-host the 'Hallyu star's permanent fan meeting' project with the Korea Tourism Organization (CEO Jeong Chang-soo). 

On the 4th, the fan meeting of the member of the supernova group will be held at S-Plex
 in Sangam-dong. At this day's fan meeting, 200 Japanese tourists will participate. 

On the 10th of the same month, the fan meeting of B1A4 will be held at the same place 
with 350 people. 350 Japanese tourists will also enter for fan meetings. On the 11th, SS301 
will hold a fan meeting to commemorate the release of the album with 150 fans 
from home and abroad. 

The prices of the fan meeting products sold on the 3 days and 2 nights are 2 ~ 4,000 won, 
which is 4 ~ 5 times higher than general 2 - night 3 - day Seoul tour products, 
which are priced between 400,000 ~ 500,000 won. 

It is said that fans are expecting and responding to their favorite Korean stars 
who want to meet with a star that is closer to them, such as chatting, talking, 
shaking hands. 

Seoul Tourist Marketing, Seoul City, and Korea Tourism Organization cooperate 
to promote 'Hallyu Star Permanent Fan Meeting', which encourages the development 
and sale of related products through regular Korean-wave events. To improve
 the quality of package travel products. 

This year, it will be promoted mainly in the Japanese market in the form of pilot operation,
 and will be expanded to the Southeast Asian and Chinese markets in the future. 

Kim Byeong-tae, CEO of Seoul Tourism Marketing Co., said, "The close-up fan meeting 
that Korean-style stars and overseas fans can meet intimately is expected to lead to 
sustainable growth of the Korean wave tourism market. Korea tourism Organization, 
both organizations have a special synergy in that it combined forces launched 
a joint project for the Korean activation is expected 'he said aspirations. 

Meanwhile, gotta plan this fan meeting like U-Kiss, cross-Jin, Park Sihoo January there. 
in addition to the fan meeting in December the proceeds of the concert JYJ (Junsu), 
JYJ (Jaejoong) at Jamsil indoor Stadium and elsewhere. 

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