Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Family Honor : We will miss you!

As a big fan of drama " Family Honor " and kept re-watching it so many times 
Like everyone else I skipped many scenes if Park Si Hoo wasn't in it 
but I never skipped the scenes when Lee Gung Suk (Park Si Hoo) 
and Ha Tae Young ( Kim Seong Min ) were together!

I enjoy the chemistry between these two brothers (in-law) very much.

" Family Honor " is a special drama for me!

I love every characters in this drama. They helped creating 
" Lee Gung Suk " became a memorable character in my heart!

Until.... the terrible news broke out during last weekend!

No need to tell you the details, please click the link below!

Kim Seong Min, you will be missed from many viewers around the world!

Thanks for giving us so much joy in drama " Family Honor "

VDO : Drama " Family Honor " Episode 51

Credit : Family's Honor, thank you!


  1. I am still very sad after hearing of this..I remembered his lovely, funny and childish character in Family Honor all the time, with my mom since we used to watch this drama together and I was actually planning to watch it once again a couple of days ago..but now it will be very sad.

    1. Hi Fabiola, Long time no see!^^ Hope everything's fine with you! Yes,it won't be the same when I rewatch FH next time! We just treasure those moments between him & PSH in our heart and keep watching this drama again whenever I have to time to do so!^^

    2. Hi Nikki, yes it's been a long time, I've been through some dark period but now I'm very very good thank you for asking!Hope ur well too!
      As for FH, as you well said, I'm definitely going to treasure those moments between them both and those with his policewoman wife, which are really great! It's a tragedy and a pity as I said, made me really sad, I wonder what Sihoo felt about this.

    3. Dear Fabiola, So glad you are fine now! Everyone went through that period at least once in our life time. Some lucky just once some not! And I hope you will be a lucky one!^^ But it makes you stronger now, right?

      Yes, now time to come back and watch our precious & true treasure names Park Si Hoo again! Hope he can help you feel better!^^

      Take care, Fabiola!