Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, October 22, 2016

WeChat : First gift to fan who score the best!

This information from Wechat that free for public to see

~ Brief translation ~

A pink shirt is a gift for the winner names

 " Basil "

And the baseball cap will be for the next winner!


Translated by Google 

VIP GO! Special gifts and winner announcement

2016-10-21  ParkSihoo

Hello everyone 

Hoo Lang's operations group. 

VIPGO! Special gift finally determined that our members and keep it open. 

The first special gift is Park Si Hoo's T-shirt! 

The first to get a special gift of lucky members in 3000 to 4000 
who tried with VIPGO is Basil!
Congratulations ~!

Basil, the winner please contact us about sending information and address, 
recipient's name through our email at we will send you the gift.
Congratulations again!

So now to disclose the second special gift!

The second gift is often Park Si Hoo's very own hat!

Everyone remembers it anyway?
Who will be our second winner for this special gift?

So please use VIPGo! And generally GO!
Usually go! Special gift will have Park Si Hoo's signature Hoo and the names of the winner in it. 
You will love it ~!

We will inform you when we are ready the next gift.
Hope you will have a pleasant weekend!

- Hoo Long Operations Group - 

Credit :, thank you!

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