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Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Navicon News : Park Si Hoo is the blonde? "PARK SIHOO LIVE 2016" for the second half # 2

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Park Si Hoo is the blonde? "PARK SIHOO LIVE 2016" for the second half # 2

May 7 (Sat) Tokyo International Talk & concert of Park Si-hoo that have been made ​​by the forum "PARK SI HOO LIVE 2016" reproduction repo the second half of the matinee! It has been published comments videos from the person to the official site. Work notice videos can be viewed in each of the official site. New drama first half is here ⇒ of raised events, etc. and movies Introduction and digest video [reproduction repo first half] (red letters) , such as the impressions of the atmosphere and reporters of the place. Himself spoke was Japanese is underlined . <> Etc. appearance of the stage. On the day of the MC is Yumi, interpreters Minako Sagayama. This time, talk-concert in Park Si-hoo for the first time of the band style. 

"♪ 2 time of farewell" to setting the bench, story of a certain stage. Cute dance also show off with a woman lover auditors. Finally, throw the bouquet to the audience.

Schiff: everyone, I love you! - Out - <private video> smile full of the video in the gravure shooting and private in Italy.

- Park Si-hoo re-emerged -

MC: also is Schiff's appeared in a lovely white suit. This time it is the prince became very well. (Entered suit thin stripes, black shirt is nice) 

Is either overseas of the video?

Schiff: It is the video in Italy. After collection of photographs of the shooting,
he was a friend and a three-week journey that can be called little brother. It was the video taken
with Selfie stick, it has pretty cool. Italy is the background also was very good beautifully. In addition, we want to go by all means.

MC: The Schiff's was laughing all the way is, it was interesting. Schiff: a fan of everyone, took in Selfie stick I would like to show you my appearance natural. I had a lot more interesting video, but seems to be cut in the process of editing.

MC: But, how and plain-clothes and relaxing of Schiff's, tank top nice!

Schiff: not to show you a fan of everyone, it was like a local person to have taken their own elements. From the next I think gonna a little more care.

MC: I'm not such a thing. Biceps and triceps is amazing. I've trained (large applause of consent).

Schiff: Yes, it is always movement. As has come out in the video, we have to exercise while enjoying a swim or walk may be abroad.

MC: All that remains is the most impressive?

Schiff: I ate pasta for about one month every day. Originally I like pasta, I was truly painful.
Pizza also. When you return home had a little fat. Really Tanoshiku', in the sea, picked up expensive sunglasses. (Laughs)

MC: Did you eat anything yesterday in Japan?

Schiff: I ate shabu. It was very delicious. It was up a photo to SNS. Was good, it was all-you-can-eat. (Laughter) because it was I nor vacant very stomach staff after a hard practice, I think we have to worry about the manager's is.

Next song is a song from the drama OST I've appeared, I did not come out only about twice in the small role sings the "emergency room". "♪ emergency room" "Sassy Girl Chun-youth" OST of. Drama, was the theme of the classic "Chunhyangjeon", the modern version of "Chunhyangjeon". Police director of the son Monryon and honor student of Chunyon and unfolds youth drama was a troublemaker in Seoul. "♪ WILL YOU MERRY ME" (or do not you get married) in Lee Seung Gi songs, the 21 story, "Brilliant Legacy" by, coming from the car radio. Cute choreography is impressive, it went even lap of male dancers. The last of the word of "me going out with me?", The audience is excited! After the song, and even the audience excited about throwing a towel wipe the sweat to the audience.

[Talk corner]

MC: It's tighter and tighter. Did you sing in any feelings?

Schiff: was in front of people singing thinking's lover. (This consent also fans and correct from
the rear seat booing of the stage before the "audience all".)

MC: Please tell me the future aspirations.

Schiff: I want to rest a little. Because it does not rest after the drama, I would like to show you a recharge to also cheerful appearance to say also to the hot springs in Japan. And say where to go ...
is a secret! In fact, I do not know well. It was only reservation. I because Japan Reservations are required. In the past, there have been to without reservation inn, not me to stop, there was a thing likely to be homeless to. At this time, since the fees of the confirmation telephone during the day,
the time, and should that be put reservation, was me parked Hari said. There is a Japan that I learned at that time. Can I make a reservation? (Laughter, applause) I will one-up a photo if you have to go
to the hot springs. - Out -

MC: After this, Schiff's is for us to show off the new song. (Check came after this, from where the audience. Kyushu, Mie, Shiga, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and overseas, such as China to the other) 

"♪ for such pride" appeared in Schiff, stylish G Jean in damage jeans rough dressed. Sing moist the new song. 

"♪ LOVER" in another song of the new song is up-tempo, sing while happily dance with 4 dancers men and women. Fans also thrilled to first hear new song two songs.


Schiff: So, will introduce the band of you from me. (One person politely introduce) Is everyone today was fun? (Large applause) is less time of preparation over the drama, there was a lot of parts that unsatisfying, a figure that I make an effort worked hard and if you can show you a fan of everyone. And, during that practice, I received a very heart wrenching news. This earthquake news that occurred in Kumamoto. Really mind was pain. If, If you have person there was need from Kumamoto today, I thought that if you could become a pleasant feeling in my live by all means courage. By all means, please put out the force. Thank you very much. Please return your have fun memories of today. I was also very fun.

In the last song you sing "Sonagi" you know may be you. "

♪ shower" was unveiled at the 2014 Fan Meeting "Cheongdam <dong> Alice" OST of. Park Si-hoo of dancing singing while playing the guitar is like "Soo Jung". The audience of women believes that large upsurge outright become completely "Segyon". ⇒ Cheongdam Alice Korea Drama OST Part 1 (SBS TV Drama) (Korean Version) has been recorded. - Out in the large cheers - cheers and applause was as it is changed to the voice of the encore.

Among there is no quite encore appearance, it came out finally, the five women. Girls as "Rararararara ~" "♪ MISTER" charming in performance. Slim whopping tall blonde beauty in Shifushifu in it! It was Park Si-hoo. The audience is in this, excited & laughter. And I saw off the five Girls, venue does cracking further just loud encore! Kankan hat Shifushifu wearing a showy floral jacket is, panda, pig, duck, had me fascinated by pulling in four of the dancers was the headgear of the horse is "♪ dance Ponpoko phosphorus" of the performance. Pihyara Pihyara seats are together! "Cheongdam <dong> Alice" Sunjo also shame of broken sore Park Schiff. How tired indeed,
a word as "Aygo ~". I bid farewell to the LOL fan.

- The show - [set list] ♪
③ today also love ♪
 ④ Kimi ... (in Japanese) ♪
⑤2 time of farewell ♪
 ⑥ emergency room ♪
 ⑧ for such pride to ♪
 ⑩ showers ♪
EN② dance Ponpoko phosphorus finishing ■

coverage in the live was in the back for the first time of the band, not only as an actor Park Shi Hoo cOOL of drama and movies, and show up to a whopping transvestite in encore large service. While referred to as the preparation time was small, it gave me a repertoire rich nice moment for the fans. This month, also refrain from broadcasting of the public and the new drama of the new movie.

Respectively, a character that little bit different from the role that played so far. Also you get to meet new path j clock Schiff is looking forward. Meanwhile, South Korea Dora but popularity is said to have become subsided, quite why! Before the start of the live, two sets of your sister that was coming from Chiba. RT's an admission Korean Dora era drama fans, taught me the Korean Dora information, such as do not even know the reporters. As long as these hot fan is present, still the Korean Dora future is bright!

[Korean Ibentorepo] [repo first half] [second half] [Park Shi Hoo Filmographies] ◇ Park Si-hoo official site ◇ movie "looking for your voice," the official site May 14 from (Saturday), Cinemart Shinjuku , Cinemart Shinsaibashi other nationwide sequentially Roadshow. ◇ Mnet "town of Hero" program official site this broadcast (Monday) (Tuesday) afternoon 10:00 to 11:15  rebroadcast (Tuesday) (water) morning 8:00 to 9:15 (Sat) 1:00: 00 ~ 3:30 (2 episodes continuous broadcasting) ◇ will be seen in the two-week trial now! SKY PerfecTV! Simple application

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  1. Hello Nikki! Thank you for posting all the wonderful news and pictures of PSH's concert, even though it is sunday your rest day today. I wish you a happy Sunday n Monday break !

    1. Thank you, Suelynn! After read it I know I have to show his fans! So many interesting things to know from his interview!^^ And it's amazing how fast the news can post for us to read! Less than 24 hours! Quality of Japanese I say!^^ And have a good day for the rest of your weekend also!

  2. Gracias y feliz desde tan lejos por el triunfo de PSH, las fotos están muy bien, espero poder ver el espectáculo en YouTube

    1. You're welcome! Some parts of it? Possible!^^ Only we have to wait for awhile after the DVDs are sold!^^

    2. Me avisas x favor cuando pueda mandar buscar el CD, aunque no me ha gustado el hecho que vistiera en de mujer.

    3. DVD will come out soon! The problem is Oversea fans always find it a bit harder to buy it through Mentor but if I find the easy way to buy it I will post it for you & everyone!^^

    4. Gracias, pero yo también quisiera comprarlo. Podrías decirme si es algo Cultural porque no comprendo porque se vistió de mujer en una de sus presentaciónes en el espectáculo? Estoy triste.

    5. Sorry for late reply! You're welcome! I will let you know about the DVD!^^

      About his performance : As it called a performance! Park SI Hoo is an actor & a performer! He picked to dance & dress that way just to entertain his audiences. Especially his Japanese fans who their culture really into comic books as you probably know! Every year PSH always tried to find the new idea to make fans excited about at the last moment before the show was over! And this is the reason he had chosen this way to ignite his fans' enthusiasm to jump & have good memories with him!

      I was there before in 2014 and still remember when we's so sad of thinking the show was over and all the sudden he came out on stage with his red shirt & a guitar! I'm a shy person but I jumped and dance like crazy with great joy!^^ You must be there and you will know how fans will feel in that moment!^^

      Please do not worry too much!^^ Have you ever watched Hollywood movie " Toosie " or something similar or " Brokeback Mountain " Then you will know those great actors are real men who acted in their roles very well! Only great performers can do that and PSH is one of them!^^

  3. Gracias, me tranquilisas y para cerrar este punto creo que me impactó que el sitio donde todos los días leía noticias de él, luego de su presentación colgó varias fotos femeninas con el rostro de PSH. Sobre esas películas no vi la segunda y no es mi tipo de entretencion. Si hay alguien que me hace aislarme y me llena de felicidad es ver a PSH actuando, bailando, riendo o cantando o actuando. Bueno que la pasen bien y estoy muy feliz x el.