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Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Navicon News : Park Si Hoo, first live band sparkling concept! "PARK SIHOO LIVE 2016" on the first half # 1

Translated by Google

This news reported all the details of the concert ; 
His dance performance, his clothes, songs, and his interview!

Unfortunately, it's impossible for us to give you better translation than we have from Google!

It's long & so much details.
I, myself read all of them and surprisingly can understand 
what's going on that night!

Hope you can too!^^


Park Si Hoo, first live band sparkling concept! "PARK SIHOO LIVE 2016"  on the first show 

Also popular South Korean actor Park Si Hoo new drama as the "town of the hero" 
is the movie "After Love looking for your voice", this month is landing in Japan! 

Prior to this, May 7 (Saturday) Talk and concert at the Tokyo International Forum 
"PARK SIHOO LIVE 2016" was held! Having interviewed the day parts, we report the first half 
of the raised events such as new dramas and movies of the introduction and digest video in a reproducible Repo! It has been published comments videos from the person to the official site. Showcase and of new song two songs, here ⇒ the second half until the encore that laugh in the performance of "Girls" and "Dancing Ponpoko phosphorus" [the second half of the report] 
(red letters) is such as impressions of the atmosphere and reporters of the place. Himself spoke was Japanese is underlined . <> Etc. appearance of the stage. On the day of the MC is Yumi, interpreters Minako Sagayama. This time, talk-concert in Park Si-hoo for the first time of the band style. ★ 

[ "PARK SIHOO LIVE 2016" Overview (planned)] date and time May 7, 2016 (Saturday) 

Part 1: 13:00 Doors open 14:00 curtain 
Part 2 17:00 Doors open 18:00 curtain 
Venue Tokyo International Forum Hall 

[opening] <video: lesson of state for performances> Park Si-hoo that hard receive a dance lesson. Even the audience laughter soon to talk to worry about the coach, the dance of Park Si-hoo. "♪ SEASON IN THE SUN" greatest hits of TUBE. Damage jeans and short boots in black jacket. 
Glitter inner is gorgeous! Singing in high spirits along with the two pairs of dancers men and women. Large swell from the first track audience in standing. 

Schiff: Thank you. Thank you very much. "♪ SHAMPOO" This song, one of the music 
that has been made ​​for the 2012 Fanmi. DVD at the time of the Fanmi is ⇒ Official DVD 
Park Shi Hoo Fan Meeting Tour in JAPAN confession middle, chest Lower 
the chuck of sparkling shirt Chira! Shrill voice from the audience for this. 
Schiff: I love you! I'm happy and me spent a fun and happy moments. Faitin! 

Next song is the OST of "The Princess' Man". First of all, it raised from the chuck. (Laughter) "♪
 also I love you today," OST of queen Baek Ji Young ballad sang "The Princess' Man". 
(More information here ) moist and ballad. While pen lights swaying, singing to the emotion 
a lot from time to time to close the long and narrow eyes. At this time, only the heroine of the audience all the drama "Seryon" state! 

[Talk Corner ①] MC and interpreter appeared 

MC: but sang continued three songs, is now feeling? 

Schiff: stage in Japan in a long time of it, last night did not sleep and pounding in the feeling
 that seeing everyone. Today really had a fun time, please return us with happy memories. (Applause)

 MC: I dance. The Schiff's dancing to so much light! 

Schiff: I practiced a lot. (Laughs) 

MC: was the visit to Japan? 

Schiff: yesterday. (Truly Shifufan is amazing! Already in the research already, 
to form Japan containing a drink correction. Cool water and correction. 
Schiff also LOL to this day before yesterday, 

MC also from large excitement! Audience of "did you walk?" 

PSH :  I wanted to walk, but I did not have time. 
Yesterday it was a you and today's rehearsal of the great bands in one day. 

MC: This time, it is a concert in the live band .... 

Schiff: Well, live with a band of you is the first thing. 
I was very worried also from South Korea, but it was aside confident yesterday of sound alignment. This seems to be able to show you a new appearance different to everyone. But, since the shooting of the drama "city of heroes" I did not have much time over, not take many time to be applied to live for today, but please look at larger amount even if there is a dangerous place. 

MC: (the keyboard player) What about? 

Mr. impression Schiff? Keyboard: legs are thin Do ~. 
(Suddenly dumped a little surprised how questions) 

PSH : Yeah, after the drama ended, but you take the day off of a few days if always, 
is also not take a day off in preparation for live this time, thin to be may you do not. 
But, I'm glad I became a diet. "♪ Kimi ..." (in Japanese) music that showed off in fan meeting 
was held in 2014. Debut single was recorded want to convey the feeling, "he said in Japanese to direct in Japanese. It was ranked in January Oricon Daily CD single ranking # 3 2015. 
( Nabikon article ) Schiff: I love you (large applause) - exit - 

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<video: "city of heroes" Highlights> original secret personnel to be unravel the secrets of the chagrin of the death of junior action drama to draw a story that is reborn as a hero of the poor job preparing students and living type unauthorized police help secretly the people to the harsh life joined forces with the town. Drama Details MC: drama starring role of the first time in three years. In hard-boiled feeling, than was also needed better to breast Kyun? 

Park Shi Hoo re-appeared in glittering black fashion voice of groans from the audience.) 

Schiff: I tried to stick to the costume today. (Laughter and applause) 

MC: concept? 

Schiff: It is sparkling concept (laughs)! 
Shoulder beads's stylist gave me put in one by one hand over 14 hours. 
Applause to my stylist's! (Applause) 

MC: It is a little eyes of Prince. Pants snake pattern? 

Schiff: Yeah, I saw on texture in the snake. (Though attention to the heavy metal rocker! 
Thin legs collection ...) it was thin three kilometers in this preparation. 

MC: Easy to please the introduction of this drama. 

Schiff: My role is the role of intelligence personnel of the Central Intelligence Agency. 
All of the mission I thought that it was the role, such as "007" to continue to carry out in secret. 
So "007" and: Although I was watching "M I", etc. in advance, was unlike my character. 
Practice of the action if you can not so much if there is no time, I practiced in the practice 
while shooting for each scene. Because each story action scene there were many, it was said to be
 the ability of the day by day actions to the action director in the end is improved. If you can see the current drama, brilliant action did not show you up to this, because I think I can show you a manly appearance, please look forward to. 

MC: instantaneous force is I guess great. That's why, I guess could also be up to this dance.

 Schiff: Ah, so. This time I was told "No I and before" the dance teacher. Although I did not practice the dance, I was told and how to move the body is different, thanks to the drama of the action, I might have increased the ability to move the body. (Applause.) 

MC: In Japan, it will be broadcast on Mnet from May 23 (Monday). 
( Broadcast announcement article ) next, refer to the digest video of the latest movie, 
"After Love looking for your voice." : <Digest "After Love looking for your voice," 
the video> such as the appearance of the city in the date with Yoon Eun Hye of conversation 
and heroine of the colleagues pilot. 

(C) 2015 LIAN ENTERTAINMENT All Rights Reserved.

MC: Kyun Kyun video. What kind of movie? 
PSH : orthodox love story. Until now, I was a lot appeared in romantic comedy, this work, 
I think that feel that it is the work of a different genre as ever. Sadness for the away had lover is, 
I think the movie can feel like sadness of first love. 

MC: "gone gone lover ..." it will become painful just this. Do you Yoon Eun Hye-chan would leave? 

Schiff: how far any good to talk to ... (laughs). Again, I think that it feel to be gentle when you are. 
It is no sense to regret after gone. 

MC: shooting I was taken back and forth Korea and China. Men I have been talking with Korean Schiff's in Chinese. 

Schiff: Yes, because the Chinese was the role that it can be a little, by that such a form is called 
a natural. In China it has taken about one to two months. I have enjoyed the beautiful scenery of China through this shooting. There is also a scene in the Korean Jeju Island. I also am looking forward so much the video is beautiful. In fact, the saw on the screen was the first time I. In the scene Jeju Island, please look forward also visual beauty. 

MC: It is released in Japan on May 14th. Please look forward to. 
( Movie introduction and public schedule, notice the video ) Read a report of more » [Korean Ibentorepo] [repo first half] [second half] [Park Shi Hoo Filmographies] ◇ Park Si-hoo official site ◇ the movie" of Kimi voice looking for "official website from May 14 (Saturday), Cinemart Shinjuku, Cinemart Shinsaibashi other nationwide sequentially Roadshow. ◇ Mnet "town of Hero" program official site this broadcast (Monday) (Tuesday) afternoon 10:00 to 11:15  rebroadcast (Tuesday) (water) morning 8:00 to 9:15 (Sat) 1:00: 00 ~ 3:30 (2 episodes continuous broadcasting) ◇ will be seen in the two-week trial now! SKY PerfecTV! Simple application

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  1. I too think I could understand this google translate til the point of ability to visualise the costumes and his humour. What a great entertainer, RESPECT!

    1. Glad you can understand it like I do!^^ Especially part of his interview that I like the most!^^