Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, February 20, 2016

LH News : What Park Si Hoo and Lee Soo-hyuk had reached to a sudden tragedy ?

[Herald POP = jangmingyeong News] 

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Photo 'hero of the neighborhood' Trailer episode 7

Can OCN drama gaining the hero of the neighborhood, "the notice ceasefire offer from Park Sihoo and detention centers in prison and a new determination of the Lee Soo-hyuk for the Central Intelligence Agency and interesting today (20th) scheduled for broadcast at 11 pm OCN weekend drama 'hero of the neighborhood' (directed gwakjeonghwan | a play jangminseok) Episode 7

The scene will get deeper and further this mission to put a surveillance strengthen the memoirs of hwangsajang for siyun (Park Sihoo) on hand prior notice and sparked expectations . 
Siyun is to alert the memoirs of sulfur boss, "Do not think I jump to break the peace.
 Balhimyeo that they have and with fierce eyes. This is the last time jeongsuhyeok 
(Jung Man-sik minutes) are the exact opposite of what is said jyeotdago accept negotiations 
on a memoir hwangsajang (Song Jae-ho min)! The deployment yeoseo makes him wonder 
what will be the reason.

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