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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, February 20, 2016

LH News : Park Si Hoo comeback after three years, Photo collection from behind the scene

Newsen original article 2016-02-20

Translated with Google

[News Yen Lee Min-ji News] 

Park Sihoo "neighborhood hero" filming behind the scene was unveiled. 

Park Sihoo agile through baeksiyun station last January 23 the first broadcast OCN drama 
'Hero (a play gimgwanhu / director gwakjeonghwan) of the neighborhood' by charismatic
 acting together with the action as well as sly seureowoomyeonseodo Good for smoke uimung,
 being hot-rolled take the baeksiyun station with two faces. each one Park Sihoo the shots return to drama in three years naemyeo dumped 'endless hot-rolled' 'hero of the neighborhood' and go all-in. 

The back door that mercury actors to look toured the filming in mid-winter cold snap to record 
minus handing a laugh as well as the staff of also being a model. LE Above Park Sihoo 
the immortal shooting ago, smoke passion without a break to rest after shooting while shooting,
 the appearance gotta catch catching attention. Park Sihoo concentrate on baeksiyun station
 through gwakjeonghwan coach and a lot of talk during shooting, it serves to revive is not
 watertight postponed to detail.

 Park Sihoo agency side, after the factory, ' "Park Sihoo 3 years through the "heroes of 
neighborhood 'only baeksiyun Station challenge and struggle every shot, shows the meantime, 
did not show a new look," he said, "this is grateful for the viewer who is also hot for your response. Changed the look of the actors tuned Park Sihoo efforts until the end of the work, "he said. 

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