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Monday, January 4, 2016

Neighborhood Hero : Be prepared for the amazing Neighborhood’s Hero in 2016!

From website calls : DRAMAS 999, thank you!

Let see what they said about the drama :

DRAMA Neighborhood's Hero

Neighborhood’s Hero, A Story of A Sympathetic Former Secret Agent

Are you ready for the lists of the newest of Korean drama in 2016? 2016 will be even 
more exciting with the Korean drama series called Neighborhood’s Hero. The series shoot 
was taken in the middle of October in 2015 in Makao, China. Just like the title, 
this Korean drama tells about secret agent that becomes a hero in his neighborhood. 
This will appear in OCN in 2016. Now, are you excited? So let’s see about the synopsis 
and the details below. Make sure to take notes and mark your calendar from now on!


Title: Neighborhood’s Hero
Local Title: Dongneui Youngwoong
Director: Kwak Jung-Hwan
Scenario Writer: Kim Gwan-Hoo
Episodes: Unconfirmed
Network: OCN
Appear on TV: 2016
Languange: Korean
Country: South Korea

SYNOPSIS NEIGHBORHOOD'S HERO || The one and only Baek Shi-Yoon is a former secret agent. He is a trained one, considered as the one weapon needed by human. To hide his past, he will buy a bar named Neighborhood. He is really close with the neighbors at the bar where he lives and has a sympathy over them.
This young guy called as Yoon meets a young employee that only works for a while, temporarily. That young employee really wants to be a police. Shi-Yoon then trains that young employee to be a secret agent and they fight together against crime.

SYNOPSIS Neighborhood's Hero Episode 1 - 20 Full

SYNOPSIS Neighborhood's Hero Episode 01 || SYNOPSIS || Coming Soon...
SYNOPSIS Neighborhood's Hero Episode 02 || SYNOPSIS || Not Yet Available ...
SYNOPSIS Neighborhood's Hero Episode 03 || SYNOPSIS || Not Yet Available ...


Park Si-Hoo as Baek Shi-Yoon
Cho Seong-Ha as Im Tae-Ho
Lee Soo-Hyuk as Choi Chan-Gyoo
Yuri as Bae Jung-Yeon
Yoon Tae-Young as Yoong Sang-Min
Jeong Man-Sik as Jung Soo-Hyuk

Seeing from the synopsis, you can probably see how tense the story is. A story that mixes a sad with crime case, covered in a heart and sympathy of a secret agent to their neighborhood. This is probably rare to see nowadays, considering the fact about how rare a series that shows moral attitude and be learning for every human being. And this Neighborhood’s Hero might give a fresh wind in the middle of the lack of sympathy in every human being’s heart.

Thus, don’t you dare miss this one out. Mark your calendar in 2016 and follow the updates for more information. Once you miss the date, you will miss some important part of each story in the series. And don’t forget to also mark the time. It will be different caused by time zones. Be prepared for the amazing Neighborhood’s Hero in 2016!

Credit : Dramas, thank you!

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