Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Monday, January 4, 2016

Title from the news : About Local Hero cast " New Year " Greeting

We're sure, all of you had read this news somewhere!

But I still like to bring you the title of the news to make us happy!^^

These are news & photos on NATE, thank you!

Translated by google!

'동네의 영웅' 다함께 새해 인사…박시후·유리, 꽃미모 남녀
'Heroes of the neighborhood, greeting the New Year ... Together 
Park Sihoo, Yuri, beauty, male and female flowers

박시후부터 유리까지, '동네의 영웅' 배우들 새해인사
Park Sihoo up from Yuri, "the hero of the neighborhood ' actors New Year greetings

'동네의 영웅' 박시후·권유리·이수혁 등 "2016년, 부자·취직·승진...
'Heroes of the neighborhood' Lee Soo-hyuk Park Sihoo, gwonyuri, 
such as "2016, wealthy, finding employment, promotion ...

'동네의 영웅' 박시후·권유리, 특별한 새해 인사
'Heroes of the neighborhood' Park Sihoo, gwonyuri, special New Year greetings

...영웅' 이수혁-박시후-권유리-조성하, 극중 캐릭터 '맞춤형' 새해 메시지…'눈길'
... Heroes' Lee Soo-hyuk - Park Sihoo - gwonyuri - Jo Sung-ha, the movie character 'tailored' 
New Year's message ... 'eye-catching'

박시후 복귀작 '동네의 영웅' 출연진 새해 인사
Park Sihoo bokgwijak hero of the neighborhood 'cast New Year greetings

'동네의영웅', 박시후부터 권유리까지 맞춤형 새해인사
'Heroes of the neighborhood, "New Year's greetings from Park Sihoo tailored to gwonyuri

박시후·유리 '동네의 영웅' 배우들 "복 많이 받으세요" 캐릭터로...
Park Sihoo, Yuri of 'local hero' actors' clothing Happy "as a character ...

'동네의 영웅', 박시후부터 유리까지 한자리에…"복 많이 받으세요"
'Heroes of the neighborhood, "from one place to the Park Sihoo to Yuri ..." 
Get a lot of suits. "

'동네의영웅' 박시후 "행복하고 즐거운 일만 가득하세요"
'Heroes of the neighborhood' Park Sihoo 
" Happy and pleasant days full of money."

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