Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Local Hero's official photos & description from VDO Trailer...Part # 1

Uploaded by OCN, thank you!


Too many pictures, need to split them in 2 posts, sorry!

Translated by Google

<동네의 영웅>을 2분 안에 보여드립니다!
2분 하이라이트 영상 대.공.개
<Local hero> to show in two minutes!
Video highlights for 2 minutes.

조용하던 문화거리에 불어닥친 재개발 바람!
French culture encountered from a sleepy street to be redevelopment wind!

전직 요원이었던 시윤은
3년전 마카오에서 작전을 시행하던 중
친동생처럼 아끼던 동료 진우를 잃게 됩니다.
The former agent was siyun
Three years ago, during the operation was conducted in Macau
Like fellow Jin Woo you will lose a cherished own brother.

사건 이후 조용히 살고자 하는 시윤!
하지만 동네에서 일어나는 일들은
자꾸만 시윤을 세상 밖으로 이끌어 내는데...
Siyun to live quietly after party event!
But what is happening in the neighborhood
Jakkuman naeneunde the siyun led out of the world ...

To be continued....

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