Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Local hero : Finally took off the veil Episode 1 Preview ...Part # 1

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씨엔이가 비하인드 컷과 함께
1화 이야기를 살짝 먼저 보여드립니다!

Behind this CNM with the cut
The first episode will show a little story first!

해맑은 전직 요원 박시후 배우님!

Haemaleun Park Sihoo actor's former agent!
# Hold a total of _ _ _ _ so _ uteusi side is not.

마카오에서 작전 수행중인
중앙정보국 요원 시윤-진우-서안!

이들을 초집중하게 만든 것은?! 

Operations that are performed in Macau
CIA agents siyun - Jin Woo - Xi'an!

It made them early to focus ?!

바로 게임!
조사 중인 거 아니였어요?

Right game!
It was not being investigated?

눈빛에 개구짐이 잔뜩 잔뜩한 조성하 배우님!
저 손가락을 보아하니.. 곡은 젓가락 행진곡?

Jim opened the eyes are a bunch of a bunch of one actor Jo Sung-ha's!
Apparently the low-finger .. chopsticks march songs?

감독님에게 사랑(?)을 표현하는 법을 배운 배우님은
하트를 뿅뿅 날려주십니다♥♥

Actor's learned how to express love (?) To the bishop
Nalryeoju Hearts ♥♥ ppyongppyong

취준생 찬규가
경찰 제복을 입은 까닭은 무엇일까요오~?

The junsaeng take changyu
What reason is dressed in police uniforms - Oh?

육교에 쪼그리고 앉아 있어도
손으로 얼굴을 가리고 있어도
왠지 모르게 멋짐이 느껴지는 것은 왜 때문...?

Even sitting squat on overpass
Even with hands covering his face
Somehow knowing what is felt cool because ... why?

To be continued....

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