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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Local Hero : About The Characters ...Part # 1 ( Park Si Hoo & Choi Yeon So )

This section will provide you the details of the individual characters!

* (Using Google translation, some part is really hard to understand
Please be aware of that, thank you!)

It's called ....

등장인물 소개
About the characters

Love this little Hero's frame!^^

Today we will show you 4 characters who have connection with Baek Si Yoon in the past!
( Just follow the way OCN arranged it on their website!^^ )

Baek Si Yoon!^^

* Actually, nothing you don't know before in here 
But if you're interested to read all the characters
 Please click on this link :

Translated by Google

Back when Yoon (33 years old) | 前 CIA agents, 現 Owner of Neighborhood Bar

"I think this is my job. It is still going to pay. "

"Three years ago, 
he was quite future on behalf of the CIA intelligence officials.
In Japan, China and other Northeast Asian area, once black (secret) officials identities activities 
and the most trusted officials certified when allowed.

He was the highest level of combat martial arts expert.
When allowed martial arts, is to mobilize 
all the means in the fastest time of the system pressure of the opponents of survival techniques,

Sometimes killing to eliminate opponents with martial arts.

Both "civil and military" 
when Yoon, from the beginning by serving time favorite is a matter of course.
In the center of international espionage war, colleagues together activities 
also allow more time is infinite trust.
But all of a sudden everything collapsed

It is involved in any conspiracy, 
who can not be described. Favorite younger Zhenyu, 
He even didn't know the reason how she lost her life.
So, hidden revenge of the blade, took over the 'Bar Neighbor (neighbors)'.
Serving former CIA officials who get together 'Bar Neighbor (neighbors)'.
In this place, when allowed to do three years ago, senior intelligence gathering, 
also looking for revenge for their help pre-service officials who.

However, this place is a long time 
between operations president Huang has quietly allowed when stimulated.
While in the vicinity (?) / Neighbor (?) Who has a hard life, but why not give help it ...
Martial strength looks very great, why also near (?) / Neighbor (?) Ignore it ... weak
Even near (?) / Neighbor (?) Out of things, why not to solve it ...
Thus, when allowed him into a night of "shadow."


So Ahn

Play by Choi Yeon So
(30, Central Intelligence Agency personnel)

Si Yoon former lover. 
Administrative try not to enter the Central Intelligence Agency.
Welfare is not a good to high maintenance.
It toured the world I wanted to do wing.
University aimlessly carrying a backpack from the plane ride when it was a hobby.
It did not want stuffy. As soon as the incident had volunteered for overseas duty.

The firm will pay attention to daebeomham of the West Bank and selected her as a spy.
Cheopbojeon proceed with the investigation without much identity is disguised.
So Ahn also through training and work experience through acting and
It went grow more and more surprises coping skills. Love and Si Yoon.

But ... the accident broke out. He killed a fellow Jin Woo.
Everyone was blaming Si Yoon. Si Yoon was the cause of failure of the command.
At that moment the West Bank is awakens from a dream.
Yes, I am that spy is good to work and adventure
Love is not a thing I wanted ...
As much as I wanted to be the best work from the beginning ...
Naemeurosseo consciously pushed in mind siyun
I would wanted to wash the guilt for the death of a colleague.

The contact comes from the past three years ... jeongsuhyeok.
They likely will have to meet the siyun.
Dolriryeo the muzzle towards the organization siyun.
If you wish to participate in operations to the West Bank to stop him.
Since wotgi feelings, even if not all meet again in three years siyun
It can only be viewed as a campaign target without feeling ...
So Ahn is the commitment to try to work herself.

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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