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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Local Hero : About Drama

This part is one of many section of OCN's blog for drama "Local Hero "
So many informations about this drama are pouring into this website!
Unfortunately, it's all in Korean! 
We used Google to get some idea what they're talking about!
And that's all we can provide for you, thank you!

This section calls ...

드라마 소개
( About Drama )

We show you only English translation by Google!

Living in close contact type neighborhood cheopbojeon
Siyun. Highly trained human weapon and former secret agent.
But now is the president of the bar 'Bar neighborhood.
Siyun go here to create a new family and guests, neighbors.
Eventually, they can not turn away their pain.

Changyu. Employment junbisaeng living Alvaro live in gositel. 
I want to become a police officer is only the high walls of the test.
To pay a few hundred more manwon can wipe proposal, 
it discard snapped without even asking whether Allway how dangerous the job.
The Republic of Korea can not help youth in 2016.

Taihu Lake. 3 based siblings, the family of five.
Police salaries are just tight. This field overlaps to catch a killer live wires and the sideline.
"But to live rightly" The Instinct
"There can earn three million won or a week" is wildly hits and temptations.

But eventually they make the power to choose the righteous way to regain the good will
Is 'family' and 'neighbor'.
Only georiji wallow in a giant conspiracy in the highest-powered and intelligence agencies are intertwined,
Fighting in it, and beyond, yet will stand up again, the reason is very family and neighbors.
My right next to them alive, and the story of our town!
The contact type is life drama.

The definition of immediate subsistence nose
We all want to live "justly". It seems even the instinct.
Trying to do the right think and want to help others, and not to harm.
The emergence of a righteous character is thus assured everyone.
This is because the mirror is their desire to want.

Ropda siyun is defined. It stands for their ability to be used for ordinary neighbor.
Without outside, taking care of, instead of fighting.
Siyun must defend the most common and basic virtues.
Polite, caring, faith, friendship ...
If the real "man" what to do, this shows clearly teopteophan to the world.

Changyu and Linda swung to and fro in a storm of Taihu Lake is the reality.
But back a long way where two people are arriving towards the instinct also "justice".
We are in 2016, here at the moment, and want to share your belief in justice.

Our small town hero
Waging information warfare, foreign Spa, it expands the old, black capital and fought, 
butOur hero will not have figures on the other side of the world.
Our father said, his brother, and my sister said, are the little hero 
who lives somewhere in the neighborhood.

They defend is a tremendous thing it is not. The happiness and peace in our small everyday.
Beside someone to listen to talk of eating a meal together, giving spend time with ...
It is the appearance of a real hero we know.

Lifting people gathered at the 'Bar neighbors'
For countries without clearing his name risking his life worked in the Central Intelligence Agency personnel, but ...
Both are retired now one of the perfect 'personal'.

Precious 'private' it does never bowed their knee.
Knowing that the risk of injuries to heal and restore itself produces. And take care of each other.

Siyun and changyu, Taihu Lake crabs are also a bunch that 'personal'.
This story does not give the power and intrigue,
The beautiful and strong 'personal' s Hymn (讚歌) for each one.
In accordance with the call, which will reach the end of a wonderful triumph!

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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