Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Local Hero : About The Characters ...Part # 2

등장인물 소개
About the characters

* (Using Google translation, some part is really hard to understand
Please be aware of that, thank you!)

Hwangsajang : President Hwang
(80, 'BAR neighbor's President 前)

You can not know the exact age. Where it would be between 70 and 80.
It worked for decades in the intelligence agencies been replaced by several names,
He was a living history of the Republic of Korea intelligence agency.
While staying in the 'Bar neighbors with Si Yoon
Do not speak of an absolute secret agent days.

Sseurin most painful memories may then why.
The times he did was work.
7-80's ... Duke politics, exile, revenge, the era of executions ...
Just put my stop working meeting ... hwangsajang feeling is not forgotten colleagues.

Initially charin for a living bar 'Bar neighborhood.
There are former secret agents were rested going to come easy,
Naama was a moment in the story even confided this space of healing 
and relaxation that can be placed.
And siyun will inherit it has been.

Hwangsajang is chaenda immediately noticed. Si Yoon that he is burning to revenge.
Hwangsajang for guiding the energy of the other way siyun
Interesting enter the negotiations. Instead Agencies Si Yoon this one the desired information,
Siyun to make interventions on pain of neighbors.

That was also the day when the right hwangsajang 
this was the first time took place in the neighborhood.

A long time ago, 
it appears secretly at night who lends out the order in the neighborhood
Local hero was just hwangsajang.


Jin Woo 
(20, Central Intelligence Agency personnel)

Representing the Central Intelligence Agency agents

Nice and integrity, 

as well as a superb sense of comedy tuk throwing around his yen
People did not always.

He had no choice but only to believe in Si Yoon this type.

Si Yoon was like a brother for Jin Woo and only put your heart foundation.

Jin Woo is hoped that better than anyone that Si Yoon would have a happy life with Xian

Eventually loses his life not seen that look in Macau station.

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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