Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Local Hero websites fans should keep an eye on it!

All of them operate by OCN!

But they're for different purpose. 
Some post new pictures or VDO earlier than the others.
Some have all informations about OCN's programs,
 and some just created for drama " Local Hero "

Let's take a look and follow them all 
if you would like to get the most update information by yourself!

~ OCN's website lists ~

1. OCN's homepage for Local Hero : Pictures, VDO, and Forum

2. OCN on Intagram : Pictures

3. OCN on tvcast : VDO 
(Usually you won't be able to see the VDO from here,
 they blocked only for domestic viewers )

4. OCN 's Blog at naver website 
(Main website , there will be other programs in here too )

5. OCN  on Facebook: Pictures & VDO
( So far, this one gives you the most updated both pictures & VDO )

6. OCN on Youtube : VDO
( This one for VDO, of course )
LocalHero on YouTube

Credit : OCN, thank you!

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