Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, December 7, 2017

News : 10 million people watched " My Golden Life " last week (11/27 ~ 12/3)

The number of viewers who watched KBS2 weekend drama 'My Golden Life' 
last week, which has 40% audience rating, has exceeded 10 million people. 

According to PIE-TV index, which was co-developed by Nielsen Korea and KBS,
 'My Golden Life' is the most popular broadcasting program among 
the nationwide broadcasting programs that broadcasted 
during the past week of (Nov. 27 ~ Dec. 3) 
It is overwhelmin with a high average of 10.22 million viewers. 
Even though the number of SBS 'Ugly Cats' is 2.72 million ranked No. 2
 and KBS1 'I hate' is 3.77 million ranked No. 3. 

PIE-TV index is the index of the average number of viewers during broadcasted, 
rebroadcast, and distribution channel rerun. It is possible to analyze 
the contents viewing behavior of the TV media more integratively in that 
it combined the viewing contents that are difficult to be grasped 
by the existing viewership data only. 

It is based on the nationwide broadcasting program broadcasted in one week 
of 9 channels including three terrestrial channels (KBS1, KBS2, MBC, SBS) 
and comprehensive channels (Jtbc, MBN, TV shipbuilding, channel A) and tvn. 

Chart from PIE-TV Data
[There are 50 programs on the list 
but I show you only 30 of them and "My Golden Life" is No. 1 ]

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