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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, December 7, 2017

News : The possibility of Park Si Hoo to recover ...

[Herald economy = Seo Byung-ki senior reporter] 

Actor, Park Sihoo (40) succeeded in returning to KBS2TV weekend ' My golden life'. 
This drama is not a work that determines the success or failure by 
the acting power of Park Si Hoo. 

Soo Hyung-kyung's work has played a big role and 
the audience rating has reached 40%. 
 Park Sihoo is a poetry writer who carries a cow writer. 

Park Si Hoo faced a strong opposition at the time of casting. 
The inside of KBS, even the head of the drama department, 
raised the issue. It was a natural reaction. 
It was never easy to cast an actor who was caught up in the scandal
as the main character of the weekend TV drama. 

But the situation was very favorable to Park Si Hoo. 
So Hyun Kyung and Kim Hyung Suk are the best talents team on drama. 
She is a writer who has all of her secrets, such as her intuition, her desire, 
and her novelty that comes from wearing ordinary materials.

So Hyung Kyung has trusted on Park Si Hoo, 

who made a connection through drama 'Prosecutor Princess' before. 
As a result, it was a 'win-win' situation 
for broadcasting stations, actors and the writer. 
When Cable TV stations such as TVN and JTBC are not easy 
to organize 50-episode dramas yet. The inside of KBS themselves,
 their dramas were also very bad during the strike 
that it would be necessary to manage to keep their faces, 
but the drama should start well once it starts. 

There are not many actors around Park Si Hoo's age!

There are many male actors in their late 40s, including 20 young actors, 
but in the meantime, there are not many male actors in the late 30s. 
When we met with drama PDs, they always said 
there isn't many 30s something actors to work with.

Park Si Hoo started his return with a careful environment 
And thanks to this environment and the credibility of the writer. 
The reason why in the early broadcast,
 the face of Park Si Hoo looked strange because he's taken quite 
a lot of shooting when he's in bad condition (ED : PSH's was sick). 

Park Si Hoo is very good as Choi Do Kyung. 

He is the eldest son of a conglomerate who supposed to have an arrangement marriage, 
but refuses to marry Jang Sora (In-young) who from the powerful family 
and chose to marry a commoner, Seo Ji-an (Shin Hye-sun) instead. 
If the true love of Do Kyung and Jian is achieved in the future,
 the image of Do Kyung character will become even better. 
This will have a positive effect on Park Si Hoo's recovery. 

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  1. Park Sihoo is too excellent with his role of Choi Do Kyung. Keep it up oppa. We are at your back :)

  2. Gonchu226, blogspot.comDecember 7, 2017 at 3:10 PM

    Gonchu226: I cannot imagine any other actor who could play the role of 3rd generation chaebol as credible as PSH does. He personifies Choi Do Kyung superbly even in how he physically portrays the character. PSH has always been suave, elegant and handsome in a suit. His acting in the drama is well-restrained but not lacking in emotions. He is perfect for his role. He and ShS leads an entire amazing cast.

  3. Gonchu226.blogspot.comDecember 7, 2017 at 3:13 PM

    I mean He and SHS lead not leads

    1. He will fit well with any role he plays if he decide to accpt that role.