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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, December 7, 2017

[Eng Sub. + RAW] Video MGL - Ep. 29 Preview : Broadcast date and time: Dec 09, 2017 (Sat) 7:55 pm

Episode 29 :: My Golden Life :: Saturday, December 9
Broadcast date and time: Dec 09, 2017 (Sat) 07:55 pm

Do Kyung says that he can not marry without love. 
His mother said that those words are, in effect, declaration of giving up his rights
 as HaeSung heir, and warns him not to act rashly; but Do-Kyung who has settled
 his heart seeks out to So-Ra and tells her he can't go through with the wedding. 

As opposition (to his decision) grows, Do-Kyung is reminded of Ji-An even more. 
He continues to see Ji-An who tells him she doesn't want him to come. 
As she fights with Do-Kyung,  Ji-An, too, without realizing that
 she is returning back to her old self....

Jisu goes to be Choi Eun Seok at the commemoration ceremony 
with the sincere request from the chairman, 
But her mind is still complicated. 
She doesn't know what to do.

Hyuk said to Do Kyung, if he can't take responsibility for the problems 

then he should stop making trouble by seeing Jian.

ENG Sub. Version

Translation word by word from Video

Do Kyung : I'm sorry. 
Seo Hyun : I could not be as brave as my brother. 
Jang SoRa : Thats why I could not agree, 
hope u could settle everything with that woman quickly. 

Hyuk : Jisoo always look so cheerful all these time, 
never thought she would have this different side of her. 

JiSoo : i never thought my life could be like this. 

Grandfather : This is my granddaughter ,Choi EonSeok that lost 25 years ago 

DoKyung : There still another way of having meal together 

JiAn : You're still meeting Jang Sora, why are you doing this? 
Do you want me to tell you do not come again ? 
DoKyung : Dont say that. because I'll still come. 

Hyuk : You can't even be responsible, are you trying to play with Jian's heart ?
DoKyung : if I can take responsible what you gonna do about it ?

RAW Video

Credit : KBSDrama, thank you!


  1. Gonchu226 : Go, Do Kyung! Go for Ji An. Persistence will prevail. 😊😊😊