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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, August 12, 2017

News : 'My Golden Life' Teaser, Park Si Hoo reappeared on the terrestrial after four years.

(Source: KBS2 weekend drama 'capture my life' image) 

'Golden My Life' preview, Park Si Hoo reappeared on the terrestrial in four years. 

The trailer of 'My Golden Life', a sequel to KBS2 weekend drama 'My father is strange', 
was released on the 12th. Park Si Hoo, who was cast as the main character, 
played a role in a terrestrial drama after four years. 

'My Golden Life' is a work that depicts the experience of a golden life when a cheetah 
is lifted by the rise of a false identity to the '3 unemployed' who wants to get out of poverty. 

Park Sihoo is a 3rd generation chaebol, Choi Do Kyung, who was warm in the coolness. 
Choi Do Kyung is the only son of Haesung Group who has stepped into Ellis course and 
he's a head of strategic planning department. Noblesse Obliger, who is a principle man 
who was able to keep a good line between parents and children,  he is going to reveal 
the charm that has been latent inside him as a result of a series of events. 

Shin Hye-sun was the heroine 'Seo Ji-an', a contractor with no money, no baggage, 
and no luck. The bibliography of the play is a character who keeps a hard life every day
 as a representative of the dirt cutter who cries out for whatever for getting a regular job. 
Then, the chance to make a life change will come to her life like a roller coaster. 

Lee Tae - hwan was Shin Hye - sun 's high school friend and industrial design student. 
In the drama, Woo Hyeok has been singing for a long time for a long time as a representative
 of a single-person DIY interior shopping mall. Seo Eun-soo also played the role of 
"Seo Ji-soo," the brother of the fraternal twin, opposite to the surgeon. 
Seo Ji-soo graduated from a college and worked part-time, but she is an innocent yet 
absurd charm that lives in her own way. 

On this day's trailer, "We will show you a different drama than before," and
 "It's going to become a coda drama" with the aspirations of Park Sihoo, 
Shin Hye Sun, and Lee Tae Hwan. 

Meanwhile, 'My life in gold' is a work by Hyun Kyung Soh of 'My daughter Seo Young', 
and directed by Kim Hyung Suk. It will be broadcasted first episode in September. 

Credit : [Enter beads / reporter Kim Soyeon ( )] , thank you!

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