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Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Korean blog : My Golden Life, Park Si Hoo on the airwaves!

Welcome to Céo 's Blog

Finally! Park Si Hoo's return to the air!

My golden life has become public! 
As soon as the teaser is released, 
the main portal site is My golden life 
that took top place in real time search. 
So as Park Si Hoo.

Follow after KBS 2TV drama 'My father is strange' 
This coming September 2nd (Sat) at 7:55 pm 'My Golden Life' 

Dae-dae Seo Young 

Before the first broadcast, 
Writer, So Hyung Kyung who has written many popular dramas 
such as Princess Princess and her brilliant legacy. You, who rolled in the vine, 
made Kim Hyung-seok PD, from Oh my venus. 

And the reason that I get more attention before broadcasting is !! 
This is because Park Si Hoo's comeback drama, 
which made fans thrilled with good works such as the family Honor, 
Prosecutor Princess, The Princess' Man, and Cheongdam-dong Alice 
So let 's take a look at the open teaser first! ^^ 
[My golden life. First teaser video]

Park Sihoo is still good-looking and warm-hearted. 
Also Park Sihoo is a gentle and specialist in this! 
I think that Si Hoo is a very talented actor. 

I was sorry to see the short teaser in teaser 1 !!!! 
In the teaser 2, the comic look of Park Si-hoo and the way
he performed with actress, Shin Hye Sun are already noticeable! 

Honey Jam Drama reservation! 
I'm expecting you! 
[My golden life. Second teaser image]

KBS 2TV weekend drama "My Golden Life" is known as a story about a 
woman who has been living in a normal life in a happy family,
Has a chance to rise from her status but falls into hell 
and finds the true meaning of life later.

Park Si Hoo who is approaching his return to the airwaves 
with " My golden life " after 5 years. 
Prosecutor Princess, Princess' man, such as in Cheongdam-dong Alice 
himself, captivated the audiences with his acting and eyes expression

in " My golden life "
He will be an eldest son of the big cooperation group. 
As a chaebol who has taken an elite course, 
being an example of Noblesse Obliger.
He is expected to show what kind of role 
Choi Do Kyung will be as a goal of his lifetime .

 KBS 2TV weekend drama 'My Golden Life' first broadcast at 7:55 pm!

I look forward this drama will become a weekend drama that I will be waiting for.

Credit : Céo's Blog, thank you!

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