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Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Korean blog : Actor, Park Si Hoo in warm visual has returned to acting!

Another nice article from Korean viewers!

Article by Ceyo or 쎄오's , thank you!

( I leave some Korean writing for you
 In case you want to use it to support Park Si Hoo in comment box^^)

At the beginning of last year, he returned to the CRT with the OCN
 "Hero of the Neighborhood" 
. KBS TV drama 'My Golden Life ' is a 
wonderful visual actor 

INSTRUMENT : @park_si_hoo_01 ~ first work ~

Actor Park Sihoo who decided to appear as Choi Do Kyung on KBS weekend drama
 'My golden life' after many reviews and hardships. Follow KBS weekend drama
 'My father is strange' the first broadcast will be on September 2
 'My golden life' is a family drama of a generation who want to get out of the poverty, 
Written by Hyun Kyung Lee  from KBS 2TV 'My Daughter Seoyoung Lee' 
Kim Hyung-seok PD, who made a hit with KBS 2TV 'You Rolled On You' , 
coincided with Park Sihoo - Shin Hye Sun - Lee Tae Hwan - Seo Eun Su - 
Cheon Ho Jin - Kim Hyeok - Jeon Min Min - Na Young Hee .

Only if such views reassuring to the family golden lineup  before broadcasting a work 
which attracted a hot topic. returns to the airwaves in five years for Park Sihoo!

My golden life - Park Sihoo - Shin Hye Sun - Lee Tae Hwan - Seo Eun Soo -
 Chun Ho Jin - Kim Hyeon Ok - Jeon Min Min - Na Young Hee

Park Sihoo attends the drama 'My Golden Life' at the KBS Annex in Yeouido, 
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, on July 7th. Photo TVREPORT

Park Sihoo, who is in the process of returning to the ground after five years,  
has continued his leading activities both at home and abroad. 
Korean star Park Sihoo said, in order to repay the love of overseas fans incurable patients, underprivileged boys and girls like donations and philanthropic activities, in  addition 
to hayeoteul initiative, hometown from 2010 to Buyeo  seniors, low-income households, 
welfare blind spots the danger that we have been steadily donations to the difficult neighbors.

Sure! There will be a glance that looks bad in Korea. 
물론! 국내에서 좋지 않게 보는 시선도 있을 것이다.

BUT !! 

There are many people who want to see him quickly and wait for his performance. 
He will try very hard to meet the expectation, the expectation of many people 
and show good performance.

그의 모습을 빨리 보고 싶어하고, 그의 연기를 기대하고 
기다린 사람들도 많을 것이다.
그런 사람들의 기다림과 기대에 부응하려 열심히 노력하고, 
좋은 연기를 보여 줘야 할 것이다.

But! Believe it or not !! 

Park Sihoo, who always tries to show his fans the best way will always be the best. 
Actor, Park Sihoo who is trying to return a little love to his fans. 

허나! 믿어 의심치 않는다!!
항상 언제나 최고의 모습 좋은 모습을 팬들에게 보여주려고 노력하는 배우 박시후.

팬들에 사랑에 조금이나마 보답하고자 노력하는 배우 박시후. 

Actor Park Sihoo's rehearsing to show his fans a good appearance.

Actor Park Sihoo in concept meeting before shooting.

Actor Park Sihoo recording in the recording studio.

Instagram _ @ park_si_hoo_01 
Thank you for your happy birthday, I love you ~

Actor Park Sihoo said, 
배우 박시후씨는

"Like a long and summer rainy season, the rain has fallen on me, 
but I believe that the land will become harder as well as the rain. 
At that time, we would like to greet each other with a smile and bright appearance . "  

“길고 거센 이번 여름 장마처럼 저에게도 모진 비가 내렸지만 
그 비를 이겨낸 만큼 더욱 땅이 단단해지리라 믿는다. 
그땐 우리 모두 웃는 얼굴, 밝은 모습으로 인사했으면 좋겠다” 

I hope actor, Park Si Hoo will become a Korean star 
who receives a lot of love with smile and a bright face
 In front of his domestic and foreign fans 
On September 2nd,

고 전한 바 있다.  
그의 바람대로 2017년 9월 2일 멋진 연기와 모습으로 국내,
외 팬들앞에모두 웃는 얼굴 밝은 모습으로 많은 사랑을 받는 한류스타 배우 
박시후가 되었으면 한다. 

Actor Park Sihoo. Shooting scene

Instagram _ @ park_si_hoo_01Good morning

Hallyu star! Park Sihoo! 
I support his return to the ground for five years! 

한류스타! 박시후! 그의 5년만의 지상파 복귀를 응원한다! 
박시후 화이팅! 황금빛 내인생 화이팅!

Park Sihoo Fighting! My golden life!

Credit : Céo's Blog, thank you!

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