Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Translation from Park Si Hoo interviewed by TVQ channel on July 4, 2017 Part # 1

It's not perfect (with Google translation) 
But my curiosity made me want to know what he said!^^

Not easy at all,  so I will share with you as much as I can get, enjoy!


Credit : Japan Teleplus Channel, thank you!

There are 7 questions they asked him.
Let go one by one

1. First impression about Japan ?

PSH : Thoughts after coming to Japan for the first time in a while
Fans are always come to greet me, 
I am very grateful for coming to pick up to the airport
I always very touched.
I have been to Fukuoka 4-5 times for traveling before
I used to walk from the city to Nakasu for about 2.5 hours, 
the surrounding scenic views was so beautiful 
But it's a regrettable thing that today's my performance 
but I think when the performance was over
If I could walk down the street like in Korea 

2.  About Nameless Hero ?

There were many action scenes and dangerous have to be done perfectly
 So I went to practice and exercises with action staffs and practicing in advance.
 Because there were many dangerous places so I need to be prepared properly 
 My body is on the diet restrictions so I had to endure it during the shooting 
but it was painful and had to tolerated a lot because I can eat only banana etc, 
but still have to see a lot of protein foods! (re : meats)

3. Prosecutor Princess & How to meet Perfect Neighbor ?

It's very awkward working in Perfect Neighbor
In the case of Prosecutor princess also made a foretelling Kiss scene
When I'm in a way to work on perfect Neighbor.
I don’t have much experience on that kissing scene with an unnatural feeling 
to think of Kissing Scene
If you look back to the drama since my debut
also I also felt more relax after I step out of the stage 
and when I finished the drama I feel like growing further, 
so I thought that it was funny
I step down the stage and finish the drama (I think it's like growing up)
I hope to continue growing so we can have more expectations for the future

4. Favorite Japanese Foods

All Japanese food is delicious. there is nothing that does not fit me well, everything is good!
I ate Tsukemen for the first time, We rolled seaweed and eat it
Although I searched for Miso ramen, it was tasty and hard to replaced.
I added delicious seaweed and it was very tasty when I ate a roll
It was so delicious and I ate ramen for the first time
We added liver and it was very delicious


What is different about Tsukemen & Ramen ?


It has its own rich and thick story. If ramen is the perfect choice during cold seasons, 
tsukemen is the savior for noodle-craving tummies on hot, summer days. 
Tsukemen is being served with a cold noodle separated from the sauce. 
The way to eat tsukemen is simple logic, just take an ample amount of noodle 
then dipped it in the sauce that is usually placed in a stone bowl to preserve
 the right balance of heat and maintain the firmness of the noodle.. 
With that, anybody can satisfy their craving for noodle without immersing 
their tongues into a hot meal.


That is quite opposite of the ramen, wherein everything on it are served in one large bowl 
and is best when served hot. Such kitchen innovation is made in order for noodle lovers 
to enjoy it on any time of the year.  

To be continued...

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