Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

News : Park Sihoo published his magazine for 5th consecutive year ... Express his love to his fans

Park Sihoo, an actor, has been publishing his magazine in Japan for five consecutive years 
and is attracting interest. 

'Enishi' is a regular magazine published by Park Sihoo, which is regularly released in Japan. 
It has been on sale for the fifth year since it was first shown in November, 2012. 'ENISHI is a periodical magazine for only one Park Si-hoo. 

In the meantime, many Hallyu stars have released specialist magazines, but Park Sihoo is making a record that it has been published for five years in a row. In particular, Park Si-hoo has been showing his colorful concept every season through "ENISHI" and has been 
practicing express fan love.

In this regard, a picture that can feel the beauty of Park Sihoo in the season 5 of 'ENISHI 2017' is drawing attention. Park Si-hoo is wearing a leather jacket and emits a sharp jaw line, deep eyes, a strong masculine beauty armed with clear lip lines, and adds a faintly drawn smile
 to his work.

Above all, Park Sihoo strives to show a more perfect picture in that 'ENISHI' is a magazine 
for fans who always send lots of love. In order to show the new charm that has not been shown in the meantime, I have repeated Django together with the staff, taking a picture cut, a variety 
of cuts and poses. It is a rumor that Park Sihoo, who volunteered for re-shooting 
and burning his enthusiasm, admired the scene until a favorite cut came out.

In addition, Park Si-hoo has proved its popularity in Japan, as he has been decorated with
 the front cover model of famous Korean wave magazine such as "Hallyu TOP", "Hallyu Pia", and "Mnet HP" The attention of the Korean wave star Park Sihoo who is raising the hungry Korean wave craze is getting attention.

After Park Sihoo's agency, the factory said, "Park Sihoo is considering ways to return
 the love he always received from his fans regardless of his private time. Like last year 'ENISHI' fans and special camps held in Japan, this year, we are planning to return the love 
of fans with the fan service this year, "and" Please wait for the gift of Park Sihoo to continue. "

On the other hand, Park Sihoo is considering the next work after the OCN drama 'Heroes of the neighborhood'. 

Credit : factory, thank you!

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