Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

JOFC : Weekend drama "My Golden Life" (tentative title) Finally starting!

In Japanese they names the drama...

Re : Japanese name for the drama :

" 黄金に輝く私の人生 " translated as "My life shining golden" 

On July 4 , The four main characters of the KBS2 weekend drama
 "My life shining golden (tentative)" will meet for the first time.

The script reading planned to do it on July 7, the official said.

Park Si Hoo will play a son of Chairman's Haesung Group and names Choi Do-kyung, 
He's the head of the strategic planning department.
Having earned his MBA degree in America, 
He returned to familiarize himself with the family business and is going through 
an informal apprenticeship as the successor who will become the company’s next leader. 
 and he's a man who has both elegance and ability since he's born.

The drama "My life shining golden (tentative title)" is about a heroine 
who grabbed a brilliant opportunity,
A family drama that will find a way to find happiness in it, 
despite being pushed down at the bottom of the abyss.

Through her father who had only to watch over his children 
who dislocated and left the unfavorable family environment,
The pain and loneliness of the men living under 
The name of a patriarch are planned to be drawn.

Other main actors

Credit : JOFC, thank you!


  1. Why Shin Hye Sun picture is smaller than the others? Is not she in the main role?

    1. Sorry, the original picture I found from Internet was that size! If I enlarged it, will make image not sharp!
      And I need her image with white shirt! Nothing personal, I like her and of course she is the main actress in this drama!

      I will try, if it doesn't look too bad I will change it, thank you!^^