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Monday, December 21, 2015

LH News : Combining public image of Neighborhood hero : Park Si Hoo, Jo Sung-ha, Lee Soo-hyuk, and Gwon yuri with humor

So many news report about the VDO that came out on Friday.

We picked this one for you!

[Sports Today two civil journalist] 

 Sat, January 23rd at 23:00 will be a First broadcast of OCN 16 episodes drama 
"Neighborhood Hero" (a play gimgwanhu, directing gwakjeonghwan) 
Had unveiled a key introduction video and the main character trailers.

Park Sihoo and Jo Sung-ha, Lee Soo-hyuk, gwonyuri, the four characters in the video to
 introduce one by one, gotta calm calming color tinge with sense of humor is compelling visuals 
adds to the fun. In particular, this four character Nancy capture the moment encounters with different "definition" video has appeared in concert and stimulates curiosity cap engraved 'symbol in question.

Park Sihoo is operating a small bar (bar) in charge of ex-intelligence agents 'baeksiyun' station 
'Neighborhood Hero, but he could not resist looking at the injustice to become 
a justice' guardian of his neighborhood.

This image forom another news 

"I want to live quietly, referred to the definition," said the appearance of the Park Sihoo preparing 
to go out with an intense gaze eye-catching, baseball caps that bring a reversal charming smile 
and a shy smile when he had to adjust the size of his cap when it does not fit on his head.

In a short video to create a character that starred in the movie subsistence criminal "imtaeho '
It may raise expectations for realism in the showcase full of smoke 
and charming work special moves.

Noodles values ​​are also my nails, put a pot on the Salvation Army charity total money off of 
pocket "Good, good," said rob an eye haemaleun pat his chest of this is Jo Sung-ha himself.

This image from another news 

I want to become a police officer, and each time charge of employment junbisaeng 'choechangyu' 
role in Proctor Lee Soo-hyuk is cold, unlike emerged which was past work image, realistic 
and causing the sympathy of youth employment junbisaeng viability under then noticed 
the smoke turns into a full youth .

In the drama, Lee Soo-hyuk, but ill youth are want to fulfill his dream by meeting the 'Neighborhood Hero' hidden chance to regain the passion to drive in to hot flame. Then gradually he's going to grow into a powerful character, it is expected to favor a variety of fun tongkwaeham from aejanham.

Take the aspiring screenwriter and bar (bar) part-time job generated, allocated annual 'role 
in Neighborhood hero> girl in earnest to challenge the smoke era Yuri (gwonyuri) 
is eye-catching with bright sweet and charm.

As the owner of the bright character that does not give up the dream of a writer, even laborious 
work part-time, large and small events taking place in the neighborhood of unfolding your imagination go sseonaeryeo based on a scenario is silly and full of hope icon of cute charm.
 Keep unintentionally caught up in the center of town events emerge as a key character 
to promote the progress of the pole, led the activities of 'hero'.

Eminent high-quality images that are as good as film production team, with spectacular action 
and laughter, Neighborhood Hero, which heralded the former class drama created by the code 
is January 23 next Saturday 23:00 for the first broadcast begins, every Saturday, Sunday 23:00, 
Broadcast at OCN and UXN.

Slide two journalists
<Closest encounter, the FunFun news ⓒ Sports Today>

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