Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Updated : My Golden Life's 1st episode script book has arrived!


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✔️드라마 미팅 클리어
✔️광고 콘티영상 클리어
✔️시나리오2개 클리어
할일 다 했고 이제 놀쟈아아아아아💓💓

✔ Drama meeting clear
✔ ️ Clear advertising conti image
✔ ️ Clear two scenarios

I did my job and now I can not help it.

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My golden life in Korean " 황금빛내인생 "

And here it is...

This word means...(Tentative)

Just for you!^^

You may spot the word


at the bottom right of the script

I checked on Google in case I would find something about it.

Sure, I did!

And...very interesting too!


Title : Warner Bros, Studio Dragon To Bring Out Two Original South Korean Drama Series


South Korean dramas
Warner Bros. and Studio Dragon have inked a deal to produce South Korean dramas 
in the coming years. The deal signifies that at least two original South Korean series 
will be out in the next three years.

This deal comes in the light of many international studios heading to South Korea 
to advance their projects around K-pop. Biggies like Netflix and Amazon have already 
begun productions on original South Korean dramas

DramaFever, acquired by Warner Bros., and Studio Dragon will be co-producing 
original South Korean dramas under this new deal. Both the companies will 
explore opportunities to remake already existing movies or TV shows.

DramaFever is a popular Korean drama and film streaming site. It was recently 
acquired by Warner Bros. while Studio Dragon is fairly newly accomplished 
TV drama producing unit of entertainment company CJ E&M from South Korea. 
The executive from Warner Bros. mentioned that Korean dramas and 
K-pop are bringing the South Korean culture to the western countries, 
reports The Hollywood Reporter.

All eyes from the West are on the South Korean dramas. It seems like every 
big production wants to be a part of the ‘Hallyu Wave’ (Korean wave). 
Korean entertainment is sweeping over the world and has garnered 
a big audience in Asia and Europe.

So why is this wave taking over western countries? Many opine that the lack of alternatives
 in American television and also the overdose of violence and sex are primary reasons 
many are switching to South Korean dramas or Korean entertainment.

The prevalence of K-pop and teenage stars captivates a certain age bracket 
across nations. Remember Justin Bieber mania amongst teenagers all across 
the world? K-pop idols are young, relatable and can also sing beautifully- 
that is a good package to attract a good audience.

Bands like EXO have garnered international fame and adulation breaking the barriers 
of language and borders. The easy accessibility to view South Korean dramas in nations 
other than the home country could also be a reason for its growing popularity.

Thus, it is not a surprise to see Amazon, Netflix, Warner Bros. all coming knocking 
on South Korean doors to dish out original South Korean dramas and milk on 
the massive audience it attracts.

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"...The deal signifies that at least two original South Korean series 
will be out in the next three years. "

Can we expect one of them will be Park Si Hoo's drama ?

And as a fan who lives in USA and subcribed both " Dramafever " and " Netflix " 
as my source of entertainment at home. I started to notice that recently 
Netflix had added more Korean dramas on their website. It never happen 
a lot like this before and now I got it! 
Just hope one day Park Si Hoo's drama will be there for me to watch as well!^^

Fighting, Park Si Hoo!

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