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Jewel of S.Korea

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Drama Festival Tour 2017 : Both events and planning are a great success!

This article written by a staff member of Japanese company 
"m-up "

This company work with many entertainment groups and actors by creating website 
for them and one of them is " Park Si Hoo " as they posted it on their website here.

This staff (she's a new employee in this department ) got her assignment 
to work with Hoo factory during Park Si Hoo's last two performances in Tokyo.
She got to witness this great actor with her own eye for the first time. 
How he reacted with fans, how fans showed their passionate toward him, 
and how hard working actor he was at back stage and during rehearsal.

Now you can read it yourself...

Title : Both events and planning are great success! It is!

June 29, 2017

By Suko K, thank you!
Staff diary

Well, as a matter of fact, in today's staff blog, 
I would like to introduce the event site of Park Si Hoo who I am in charge of the site! 

Park Si Hoo called " Actor who tells everything with eyes ", 
" Actor who makes you feel pheromone ", 

And with a perfect proportion of 182 cm for elegant eyes. He is a wonderful actor 
gathering tremendous support from the women of the world! really! This time 
" Park Si Hoo's starring drama · festival big thank you tour " 
over the three biggest cities in Japan was held! 

We had an interviewed during the Tokyo performances! Arrived at the venue, 
the rehearsal begins. Mr. Si Hoo said he prepared lots of performances for his fans. 
He will carry out the rehearsal carefully until he's satisfied to show 
the best figure at the production. 

When he finish the rehearsal, it is a real waiting at the end! As the title of this performance 
is "Park Si Hoo's leading drama, festival, big thank-you festival", costumes and props 
are also the emergence of becoming a role he played ^ ^
 To this, every fans also delighted! 

I will not forget the heart service, the heart poses ❤ After the performance, 
Mr. Si Hoo touched all the guests with high touch. Fans were delighted to 
Si Hoo who gave high touch with each fan ^ ^ In the middle of high touch, 
when I desperately clicked the shutter, was happened at the same time 
when the fan seats were broken! It is! It is! 
Mr. Si Hoo who does not miss any attention to staff around .... It is wonderful ^ ^ 

And it was time for the backstage invitation for the mobile project, and he took photos 
with 2 fans who won the lottery at the site! Looking at his fans who rejoiced sincerely 
that " They are truly happy" , I felt so glad I was doing this project. 
I also wrote it on the previous blog and the person who his fans are so pleased with, 
was the driving force behind me more than anything ! 

After all the performances and event planning are over, we are going to meet 
at the dressing room. When headed to the dressing room, 
Mr. Wu Ho, Mr. Si Hoo's office CEO and also his younger brother, 
welcomed me with "Good job!" 

When he's telling me to post this event on the staff blog, 
I took a picture with him as a "Memory" ^ ^ 
It was Si Hoo who should be tired because he played the performance twice a day, 
"To all the mobile members who will always support you ..." 
and a wonderful present of signature and shakes! It is! It is! 
It was a reconfirmation of Mr. Park Si Hoo's kindness and feelings toward his fans. 

In order not to waste such a feeling of Si Hoo, 
I think that I will be able to give back to Si Hoo and his fans as well, 
by making various projects and new contents from now on. 

By Suko K, Asian Business Division , thank you!

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