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Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Golden Life (MGL) : New actor joined in, Lee Tae Seong

Lee Tae Seong will appear in KBS new weekend ' My Golden Life' ....September broadcast

( *Seems the broadcasting time has changed to be September instead of August 26 )

N-generation generation representative
<Joy News 24>

[Joey News 24 reporter Kim Yang-soo,

 Actor Lee Tae-sung returns to the theater with ' My Golden Life'.

Lee Tae Sung has confirmed the appearances of KBS 2TV new weekly soap opera 
"My Golden Life" (directed by Hyun Kyung Kim).

' My Golden My Life' is a drama depicting the story of a girl who greeted the opportunity 
to raise her status with a golden spoon, but fell into hell and realized how to find happiness in it.

Lee Tae-sung was the brother of the heroine, Ji Ji-jin, 
The representative of the N-generation said Ji Ji Tae is a person who gives up hope
 for the future and lives and meets a loving woman while living indifferently to all things, 
and he is a person who comes to the change of life.

Meanwhile, 'Golden Life' is scheduled to be broadcast in September 
following 'My father is strange'. 

Credit : Kim Yang-soo reporter, thank you!

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