Jewel of S.Korea

Jewel of S.Korea

Thursday, July 6, 2017

JOFC : ENISHI event 2017 will be held in Jeju Island on Sunday, September 3

Decision for Park Si Hoo "ENISHI" Reader limited event 2017!

A special magazine " ENISHI ~ Edo ~", which actors Park Si Hoo and fans 
have used to memorize the memories, this year is the 5th anniversary since first published.

Every year, readers' events held for ENISHI subscribers,
This year we decided to hold it at Lotte Hotel in Jeju 
where you can see the beautiful sea of ​​Jeju Island!

The weekend drama "My golden Life " (tentative title)" 
will also decided and it will be a busy period, Si Hoo has coordinated 
the schedule in order to do the ENISHI event which is held every year .

Beautifully shining sea in the background, in a wonderful space 
where photographs of memories of ENISHI were interspersed,

" Campanile ceremony" celebrating the 5th anniversary 
is a moment of pounding out a greeting with Si Hoo!

You can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere in a garden venue 
that is a little different than before.
We will show everyone to the finest feast unique to ENISHI .

Also, the souvenir specially prepared for this day,
" ENISHI " A special gift to further deepen the bond between you 
and Mr. Si Hoo after having a romantic moment, as if filling the trickery 
of parting Multiple flowers will bloom in the night sky .

For more information of the feasts, 
Website will be open this Friday, July 7 afternoon at 17:00 
Please join us on this occasion.

◆ Event Date: 2017.09. 03 (Sunday) 
◆ Location: Korea · LOTTE Jeju
◆ " ENISHI Reader Premium Event 2017 " Details HP :

※ This site will be opened on July 7 (Friday) afternoon 17:00 pm

■ Inquiry: ENISHI Editorial Department 
TEL : 03-6380-3773 (weekdays from 13:00 to 17:00 
on weekends and national holidays) / FAX : 03-6380-3750

Credit :, thank you!

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